2012 Election Results: Lessons That Need to be Learned

It became apparent fairly early in the evening last night that the Republicans were going to get thumped.  As state results began to march across the map, with major battleground states turning blue, and Tea Party candidates losing, Republican hopes waned.  Their plan simply didn’t work.  The hundreds of millions of billionaires’ money didn’t work. […]

How To Steal an Election, Cont’d

TAP: “In his ruling on the constitutionality of the law, Judge Robert Simpson, who refused Wednesday to grant an injunction, argued the law would not inevitably disenfranchise voters because of the state’s plan to introduce a new “card of last resort” for those who lack the documentation to get a standard ID. For those too […]

Do As We Say Not As We Do

Mitt Romney on Tuesday, commenting on the Justice Department blocking a South Carolina law requiring a photo ID in order to vote: “I find it extraordinary that Eric Holder is, one more time, making a very serious error. The idea that people should not be able to be identified as they vote so that we […]

Finals Four

Okay, I promised a final four and here it is. Life has been harrowing lately and that is getting in the way of these fun polls. I had proposed a traditional matchup last time, but I think I’ll forgo that and have everyone pick their order. Since we have so few voters, if everyone could […]

Best Bond Girl (Other Division)

After looking at this division, I am making a unilateral decision and completely removing the Roger Moore division from competition. This will be the ultimate battle of new age versus classic. Considering I think I am the only male voter under forty this could be a blood bath, but I think you will all agree […]

Best Bond Girl (Roger Moore Division)

Usually, I take great pleasure in downloading these pictures for the polls, but that joy was missing this time around. It occurred to me very quickly that if the Connery division is the SEC of the bond divisions, then the Moore division is the Big Sky. Anyone can pull an upset at any time, but […]

FFV: Ladies Edition (Best Bond)

I tried this once before and got a tepid response. I am fair if anything so I decided to allow for a ladies version of the poll. The poll is simple (because there are fewer candidates). Simply put, pick your Bond. I tried to get the pictures as uniform as possible. Feel free to choose […]

FFV: Bond Girls (Connery Division)

Okay, we are having our own version of a NCAA tournament. We will go through one bracket at a time (except for having only three brackets). There is the Sean Connery bracket, Roger Moore bracket, and everyone else bracket. We will take the top winner (and a wild-card) into a final four following the competition. […]

Tuesday Take 2

We are doing take two in every respect of the word. I am taking what appeared to be the top five (there may be an extra two because the last few were close). I will include two pictures (one tasteful and one not) and some commentary. Erin Andrews of ESPN fame didn’t do herself any […]