50 Years Ago in Texas – Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old

I was sitting in Miss Chambliss’ 5 grade classroom at Oakhurst Elementary School in Fort Worth.  It was a beautiful, crisp late autumn day, one of those days we cherish, living in the oven that is often Texas.  We had just come in from lunchtime recess and were getting back to studying when one of […]

Occupy Wall Street: A Real Movement the Media Can’t Ignore

I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street movement since it started in New York on September 17th.  In the early days, coverage outside of Occupy Wall Street’s own website was virtually non-existent, dismissed by the media.  The major networks were no where to be found, and even local coverage was sparse.  It wasn’t until a […]

this small planet – The Death of Organized Labor

Last January, newly elected Wisconsin Governor shocked voters by introducing a harsh union busting bill in the state house, cynically calling it the “budget repair bill” to make up deficits made worse by recent state tax cuts.  What surprised everyone, including his supporters, was that Walker didn’t campaign on this issue.  The ensuing weeks-long battle […]

this small planet – Bob’s New Blog to Launch

I was 7 years old when John F. Kennedy took office on January 20, 1961, and he is the first president who I actually remember; I have memories of the grainy television images of his speeches, his trip to Ireland and Berlin, his press conferences where he good-naturedly sparred with the press.  I remember the […]