Doubling Down on Stupid

This past week, the Texas state Senate passed the Open Carry bill. According to the law, when it becomes official, citizens can legally open carry firearms into most public places. That would include (but not be limited to) churches, college campuses, and other public areas. Presumably, private businesses would retain the right to bar their […]

Greg Abbott’s New Spokesman: “…I Hang Around with a Lot of N*ggers”

In Texas, it’s almost impossible for politicians to shock – Rick Perry is known for childish gunplay; Senator Dan Patrick brags about carrying a firearm in the Texas capitol.  Innumerable Republicans relish abusing women’s, minorities’, seniors’, and poor peoples’ rights, and work tirelessly to beat Mississippi to the bottom in most all societal measures.  One of […]

Profiles In Stupid

So who are the people that are driving us toward default and who do they represent? Start with Steve King of Iowa, who said threats of default are “false demagoguery.” Friday’s New York Times ran a piece on the people who live in King’s Fourth Congressional District in Iowa. “When I reached Brent Geels, co-owner […]

Is Bryan ISD Guilty of Racism?

A column appeared in the Chronicle this past week. Unfortunately, it is too old for me to link to it easily. Even addressing it threatens to get my progressive card revoked. Anyone that knows me knows I occasionally have to take on the establishment within our own political group. I’ll try to be as evenhanded […]

Back to School

It certainly has been awhile since the Hurricane has been up and running. I can only notice the irony that the state of the site mirrors my career in some unusual way. For those that don’t know me, I spent my first fourteen years of my career as a teacher and counselor before our beloved […]

Books About Texas Make Great Holiday Gifts

What books should you consider as holiday gifts for the Texan in your life, or for someone who would like to learn more about Texas? I have some suggestions. As you can see from the picture above, Hamburger Wearing An Astros’ Hat would very much like to learn more about Texas. Hamburger is a member of […]

The Rick Perry Texas Miracle—Heat, Drought, Disease & Pollution All At Once

Above is a picture of the front page of yesterday’s Houston Chronicle. I took the picture outside on the hot and parched Texas grass. It sure is hot. The newspaper above reports that Texas farmers and ranchers have suffered major losses due to the current drought in Texas, while at the same time Texas Governor and […]

Critical Thinking Time, Please

I’m already so sick the constant Perry Watch, and it’s only August 2011. We may have to get through MONTHS of this.  If you do even a modicum of research, you’ll find an interesting article about “Brain Biases & News” and see that people who are deemed attractive by our shallow US standards generally are considered […]