A Phony Choice

Sometime before the new year, Congress released its report on torture and the CIA. Charles Krauthammer wrote a column defending the CIA because “their methods had kept up safe.” I wrote a letter to the Chronicle pointing out that this point of view was rife with logical fallacies. At this point, it would make little […]

Missing Malaysian Airliner to be Used in a Terror Attack?


I have believed the Malaysia Air Flight 370 Boeing 777 aircraft was diverted from the first I heard that the plane was reported missing last weekend.  Why? First, they were flying in good weather.  Second, 777s are renowned for being reliable and virtually bullet proof.  They are the go-to aircraft on transocean flights and the […]

An Elegant Solution to the Unresolved Discourse on Guns

I have devised a brilliant (if I do say so myself) and elegant solution to the never-ending debate around guns, the NRA, the Second Amendment, public safety, mass shootings, selfish stupid people, and mental health issues. Since we don’t seem to be able to even have a reasonable discussion on gun violence in this country, we […]

The Republican Rainbow

Thanks, Republicans, for giving us such a beautiful rainbow. You are doing a marvelous job. I don’t think the DNC could have asked for better support in jumping over purple and going to blue in many districts in the future. You have shown your true colors, and none of them are red, white or blue. […]

Posturing, Paychecks and Pink Slips

As I read through the Opinion section of the Army Times this past weekend, I was struck by the comments that soldiers were making regarding the sequester and never-ending game Congress plays with our troops. (They aren’t happy.) Actually I’ve been struck by a lot of things lately; I’m just more struck by the actions and […]

The Price of a Cell Phone Battery

My soldier had confirmation last week that he would indeed be deploying to Afghanistan next year. Bear in mind that we are supposedly going through a ‘drawdown’ in Afghanistan through 2014. But then again, we’ve now signed an agreement with Afghanistan to help them ‘police’ things for ten years (at least) after that. When will […]

Afghanistan or Africa – Does it Matter Anymore?

I’m cross-posting, but this deserves your attention as the BS in this political world is astounding. Got a phone call this week from my soldier. This time it was a request for his dress uniforms to be sent in time for an inspection coming up now that he has his ‘permanent’ post. By the way, […]

Heritage Foundation Proves Democrats Kick Republican Ass at Counterterrorism… Unintentionally

Earlier this week, noted Republican columnist George Will wrote an op-ed piece entitled “Republicans Need More Than Rhetoric on Defense,” which appeared in the February 9 edition of the Washington Post.  Among other topics, Mr. Will noted that – given the robust track record of President Obama’s administration – it is becoming increasingly difficult to […]