Greg Abbott’s New Spokesman: “…I Hang Around with a Lot of N*ggers”

In Texas, it’s almost impossible for politicians to shock – Rick Perry is known for childish gunplay; Senator Dan Patrick brags about carrying a firearm in the Texas capitol.  Innumerable Republicans relish abusing women’s, minorities’, seniors’, and poor peoples’ rights, and work tirelessly to beat Mississippi to the bottom in most all societal measures.  One of […]

Republican reform: Fringe and purge | The Economist

A must-read article about apocalyptic tactics in the new Conservative movement.  Our own David Dewhurst unfortunately gets a well-deserved mention: “David Dewhurst is the state’s lieutenant governor, and was formerly known as a resident of planet Earth before losing the 2012 Senate primary to the tea-party movement’s newest Galahad, Ted Cruz. In his re-election campaign, […]

In Plain Sight: The Hatred of the Right Wing in Texas


Yesterday, Ted Cruz got a healthy dose of his own medicine on his Facebook page when he posted a tribute to South Africa’s favorite son, Nelson Mandela, who passed away a couple of days ago.  In his post, Cruz said, “Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He […]

An Elegant Solution to the Unresolved Discourse on Guns

I have devised a brilliant (if I do say so myself) and elegant solution to the never-ending debate around guns, the NRA, the Second Amendment, public safety, mass shootings, selfish stupid people, and mental health issues. Since we don’t seem to be able to even have a reasonable discussion on gun violence in this country, we […]

LAX Shooter Tied to the New “Patriot” Movement

Forbes just published a piece about LAX shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia connecting him to the new “Patriot” movement that has re-emerged since President Obama’s election in 2008.  He wore the fatigues that are popular with “patriots”, used an AR-15, the weapon of choice for “patriots”, and in the letter found in his bag spouted the […]

Media Whore

First, some definitions I collected online, in no particular order:  A person who craves media attention; someone who will apparently do anything to remain in the media spotlight. A media figure who will throw their mom under a bus and then sell her soul to get a ratings high. A person who has a psychological […]

The Republican Rainbow

Thanks, Republicans, for giving us such a beautiful rainbow. You are doing a marvelous job. I don’t think the DNC could have asked for better support in jumping over purple and going to blue in many districts in the future. You have shown your true colors, and none of them are red, white or blue. […]

Keep the Cameras Rolling

I have but one request of the organizers and leaders of stunts like the Couple of Hundred Million Vets March in Washington yesterday, and one request of the media in regards to coverage of any and all related Tea Party-led and inspired protests in the future. Keep the protests coming and keep the cameras rolling. […]

The Cult of Opinion

As we move through the first week of the government shutdown I can’t help but think that the so-called mass media has a lot to do with the problems we have been facing. Of course, we have the now famous problems with Chuck Todd and David Gregory, but that really is the tip of the […]