Black Lives Matter

I purposely waited for awhile to address this issue because I wanted to make sure I approached it from my usual analytical angle. To jog everyone’s memory, two Black Lives Matter protesters interrupted one of Bernie Sanders’ rallies in Seattle to speak out about their issue and to challenge him to do more for their […]

There’s Something Weird (and Very Wrong) Going On with New Mexico Police

File under icky, weird, and downright sick, New Mexico police officers have apparently become obsessed with probing the anal region of persons pulled over for routine traffic stops.  Twice now, individuals pulled over for minor traffic violations in Deming, New Mexico have been subjected to numerous invasive anal searches after being falsely targeted by a […]

No On Syria Bombing—No To Further Militarization Of Everyday Life

There may well be good reasons to bomb nations that use chemical weapons, but what we also get in America with more war are more huge profits for the war profiteering companies, more spying on us, more militarized police wearing camouflage in our city streets and more militarized borders. We can’t go on like this while basic needs at home […]