Creation Museum

Above is a picture of a cave girl and a dinosaur. I took this picture last week at the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. Petersburg is not far from Cincinnati. This was a very elaborate and professionally done museum. There were a number of families in this museum. Parents were pointing out the exhibits to […]

Congress Lacks ‘Mirror Neurons’

I love TED Talks and from time to time I wander all around that site watching some of the brief videos on a variety of thought- and conversation-provoking topics. I went looking for one of my personal faves today, neuroscientist VS Ramachandran, and landed upon his discussion of “The neurons that shaped civilization.” Ramachandran is best known […]

Progess Can Be Made Even In A Hostile Environment

The excellent New Scientist Magazine reports that organic chemistry takes places on asteroids that are flying around in space. (Above–The asteroid known as 951 Gaspra. Here are some facts about asteroids.)  From New Scientist— “For the first time, rocks from an asteroid have been shown to power the synthesis of life’s essential chemicals. The asteroid in question fell to Earth on 28 […]

The way forward in space

Everyone who knows me knows that I live and breathe my profession – space exploration.  It has not been an easy time for those of us who chose this path.  Friends and colleagues of mine have suffered or are facing layoffs as the Shuttle Program ramps down and the Constellation Program is finally terminated. Unfortunately, […]

Governor Perry Calls For Prayer To End Texas Drought

Texas Governor Rick Perry has declared three days of prayer in response to the drought that is impacting Texas and helping to cause severe wildfires. ( Above–It is hot and dry in Texas)  These three days run from April 22 to April 24. Here is the link to the official proclamation. From the proclamation— WHEREAS, […]

A different spin

We’ve talked long and hard about the decisions surrounding the Space Shuttle and where to put them. I thought about commenting on Neil’s thread, but I thought I would add my own post here. I personally have nothing to do with the space program and never have. One of my father’s best friends was actually […]

Orbiting Mercury

For the first time ever, a space probe is orbiting the planet Mercury. The name of the probe is Messenger. Messenger is sending data and pictures back to Earth about conditions on Mercury. If Messenger is sending messages to beings on Mercury,  I’m sorry to the great degree that this blog post is missing the […]

The Science, Problems, and Politics of Climate Change

With the Copenhagen conference and “Climategate,” the Internet and the media are abuzz with climate change.  I think more rational voices are being drowned out, though, by the bickering between those that have become polarized in the political debate.  (Gee, does that sound familiar?)  The lines between good science, good problem solving, and good policy […]