In Plain Sight: The Hatred of the Right Wing in Texas


Yesterday, Ted Cruz got a healthy dose of his own medicine on his Facebook page when he posted a tribute to South Africa’s favorite son, Nelson Mandela, who passed away a couple of days ago.  In his post, Cruz said, “Nelson Mandela will live in history as an inspiration for defenders of liberty around the globe. He […]

An Elegant Solution to the Unresolved Discourse on Guns

I have devised a brilliant (if I do say so myself) and elegant solution to the never-ending debate around guns, the NRA, the Second Amendment, public safety, mass shootings, selfish stupid people, and mental health issues. Since we don’t seem to be able to even have a reasonable discussion on gun violence in this country, we […]

LAX Shooter Tied to the New “Patriot” Movement

Forbes just published a piece about LAX shooter Paul Anthony Ciancia connecting him to the new “Patriot” movement that has re-emerged since President Obama’s election in 2008.  He wore the fatigues that are popular with “patriots”, used an AR-15, the weapon of choice for “patriots”, and in the letter found in his bag spouted the […]

Media Whore

First, some definitions I collected online, in no particular order:  A person who craves media attention; someone who will apparently do anything to remain in the media spotlight. A media figure who will throw their mom under a bus and then sell her soul to get a ratings high. A person who has a psychological […]

Ted Cruz Political Career Shorter than Mark Fidrych’s?

Everyone older than 50 remembers Mark Fidrych, the goofy rookie pitcher for Detroit who went 19-9 in his first season, even beating the Yankees 5-1 in that year.  Dubbed “the Bird”, Fidrych was well known for talking to the ball, grooming the mound with his bare hands, and generally acting like a screwball.  After winning […]

The Republican Rainbow

Thanks, Republicans, for giving us such a beautiful rainbow. You are doing a marvelous job. I don’t think the DNC could have asked for better support in jumping over purple and going to blue in many districts in the future. You have shown your true colors, and none of them are red, white or blue. […]

Truckers’ “Ride for the Constitution” Leader Gives Instructions to His Drivers

This genius below is “General” Ernest Lee, who’s running the trucker’s protest in DC to “shut down America” and arrest politicians. In his instructions to drivers participating in this weekend’s attempted shutdown of Washington, DC highways, he urges his truckers to “keep it clean” and “keep it legal” while they illegally block traffic in and […]

Just Because There’s the Twitter Doesn’t Mean You Should Use It

tweet threats

The government shutdown orchestrated by the Republicans is backfiring in weird ways.  Clearly the polls show that it’s the GOP that is taking the lion’s share of the blame for the shutdown, demonstrating that most Americans are paying at least a little attention to our looming fiscal crisis.  The other backfiring, though, is the on […]