Update: US Moves Vatican Embassy Closer to Vatican for Security: Right Wing Goes Nuts

Citing security concerns, the State Department recently announced that it was moving its US Embassy to the Holy See (the Vatican embassy) into the US diplomatic compound, which is actually closer to the Vatican than the old site.  Cue the fake outrage.  The Daily Caller published a post accusing the Obama administration of being anti-Catholic […]

“I Am a Sinner”

Cross posted from this small planet. By now you’ve likely heard about the interview given by Pope Francis to America, a magazine published by the Jesuits in the US.  In this history-making interview, Francis begins to re-orient the church from the corrupt political organization it has become in recent decades to its original purpose, providing […]

Merry Christmas

Another eventful year here at The Hurricane is coming to a close and we appreciate all of our faithful readers.  No matter our political and ideological leanings, one thing remains true that we should especially remember during this season…we are all in this together and each have a responsibility to look after the well being […]

Idealistic Cannon Fodder

Some of you know my stats: single mom, three amazing boys young men. Heck, I have my own YouTube channel with nothing but videos of their particular accomplishments in the arts, etc. so I’m a rather proud mom. My feelings this week have really run the gamut. I’m always proud of them, happy with them, exhausted […]

A rose by any other name

That line was of course uttered by William Shakespeare. Or, maybe it was Wiliam Shakespear, or Will Shakespeer, or any other way he signed his name. His friends might have called him Bill. President Barack Obama wants to tackle gay marriarge again. In the midst of the crisis in Africa and the Middle East as […]

Colbert Nailed it

Unfortunately, there is no Youtube version of this. I suppose it is in an effort for Comedy Central to protect it’s content. If you go to http://www.colbertnation.com and look up the “Jesus was a liberal Democrat” video you will find it in all of its glory. I’m a big fan of Colbert because he doesn’t […]

World to end in May, 2011

My wife and I (with our daughter) were driving back from Thanksgiving break on I-10 and saw two billboards announcing the end of the world on May 21st, 2011. Since the trip took us four hours more than we thought (because of road construction and lane closures during the busiest travel time of the year) […]