A Phony Choice

Sometime before the new year, Congress released its report on torture and the CIA. Charles Krauthammer wrote a column defending the CIA because “their methods had kept up safe.” I wrote a letter to the Chronicle pointing out that this point of view was rife with logical fallacies. At this point, it would make little […]

50 Years Ago in Texas – Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old

I was sitting in Miss Chambliss’ 5 grade classroom at Oakhurst Elementary School in Fort Worth.  It was a beautiful, crisp late autumn day, one of those days we cherish, living in the oven that is often Texas.  We had just come in from lunchtime recess and were getting back to studying when one of […]

The Cult of Opinion

As we move through the first week of the government shutdown I can’t help but think that the so-called mass media has a lot to do with the problems we have been facing. Of course, we have the now famous problems with Chuck Todd and David Gregory, but that really is the tip of the […]

If We Had Wanted More War And More Larry Summers, We Would Have Supported Hillary Over Barack In ’08

Dear President Obama–We did want not any more war and any more of that miserable deregulator Larry Summers. Wasn’t this stuff clear enough when we picked you over Hillary Clinton? When can we gut the insular, hyper-networked failed Democratic Party establishment from the municipal level on up and have something hopeful? More and more we see that the […]

Is Bryan ISD Guilty of Racism?

A column appeared in the Chronicle this past week. Unfortunately, it is too old for me to link to it easily. Even addressing it threatens to get my progressive card revoked. Anyone that knows me knows I occasionally have to take on the establishment within our own political group. I’ll try to be as evenhanded […]

First Day Of Occupy Houston

Today I attended the Occupy Houston event in Downtown Houston. (Update 10/7/11–Here is an update on day two of Occupy from the Houston Chronicle.)  Here is why I got involved in this effort. Though Houston police estimated the crowd to have been about 200, I think the crowd was larger than that. It may have […]