Doubling Down on Stupid

This past week, the Texas state Senate passed the Open Carry bill. According to the law, when it becomes official, citizens can legally open carry firearms into most public places. That would include (but not be limited to) churches, college campuses, and other public areas. Presumably, private businesses would retain the right to bar their […]

We Need Serious Candidates

Echo chambers can be a good thing sometimes. Many people consider the Hurricane to be an echo chamber. Unfortunately, most of the voices have left the cave, so I don’t know how accurate that would be these days. However, the nature of the echo chamber was never more in full force than the various sites […]

A Positive from Ferguson

I remember sitting in a professional development seminar when it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. We were tasked with reading an article from the Heritage Foundation and the premise in the article seemed so tantalizing. The author started with the idea that our “inalienable rights” came from God. Heck, it says as […]

Lesser of Two Evils

Politics is always interesting in the abstract. When you ignore the fact that real lives are involved you can even find it downright entertaining. Tip O’Neill said all politics is local. When you combine O’Neill’s sentiment with the entertainment factor you find that politics at the state and local levels are more entertaining and important […]

Proud to be a War Criminal

The war criminals have been crawling out of the woodwork lately. Boasting about being part of the Bush administration Ministry of Torture seems to be the thing to do lately. First there was former VP Dick Cheney in a speech at American University (who must be really desperate for guest speakers) on March 28 making […]

Update: US Moves Vatican Embassy Closer to Vatican for Security: Right Wing Goes Nuts

Citing security concerns, the State Department recently announced that it was moving its US Embassy to the Holy See (the Vatican embassy) into the US diplomatic compound, which is actually closer to the Vatican than the old site.  Cue the fake outrage.  The Daily Caller published a post accusing the Obama administration of being anti-Catholic […]

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Details

Breakthrough on Iran’s nuclear program in Geneva last night: “Iran and six major powers agreed early Sunday on a historic deal that freezes key parts of Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for temporary relief on some economic sanctions. …The deal, intended as a first step toward a more comprehensive nuclear pact to be completed in […]