21st Century British Invasion

We are apparently experiencing a British Invasion of the 21st century. Those old enough to remember that Paul McCartney was in a band long before the one he has now, and before Wings, might remember the 1960’s British Invasion of the Beatles, the Bee Gees, the Rolling Stones, The Who, the Yardbirds, the Zombies, the […]

Touching Story About the Beatles Through the Eyes of an Insider

One of the best documentaries about a very important time in my life and of anyone who’s over 55…premiered recently in theatres and on Xfinity Pay per View tonight.  Good ol’ Freda…a personal memoir about Freda Kelly, who, at age 17 was hired as secretary to the Beatles in 1963 by Brian Epstein, the Beatles […]

I Learned In My Punk Rock Days That Action Is Your Responsibility

Recently I came upon a collection of fliers promoting shows at the great Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. The Jockey Club, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, was the best punk rock club in all the midwest. It closed in 1988. There is a Jockey Club Facebook page you can join. You can read […]

Martha Scanlan, Singer-Songwriter, Cowgirl

Martha Scanlan, originally from Minnesota, but now living a working on a ranch in Montana, has become popular among bluegrass and cowboy heritage circles.  Her songwriting and singing are beautiful and inspiring.  Her latest project, Tongue River Stories, is music written and performed on a family ranch in the Tongue River Valley of Montana.  Here’s […]

Monterey Pop

Ask any Baby Boomer to name a music festival and the response you get will probably be “Woodstock.” But before Woodstock there was the Monterey International Pop Festival, held 44 years ago this weekend, June 16-18, 1967 in Monterey, California. The list of performers reads like a Who’s Who of 60′s music. The Byrds, The […]