A Phony Choice

Sometime before the new year, Congress released its report on torture and the CIA. Charles Krauthammer wrote a column defending the CIA because “their methods had kept up safe.” I wrote a letter to the Chronicle pointing out that this point of view was rife with logical fallacies. At this point, it would make little […]

Media Whore

First, some definitions I collected online, in no particular order:  A person who craves media attention; someone who will apparently do anything to remain in the media spotlight. A media figure who will throw their mom under a bus and then sell her soul to get a ratings high. A person who has a psychological […]

The Cult of Opinion

As we move through the first week of the government shutdown I can’t help but think that the so-called mass media has a lot to do with the problems we have been facing. Of course, we have the now famous problems with Chuck Todd and David Gregory, but that really is the tip of the […]

Big Surprise: Weird Conspiracy Theories Tend to Be One Sided

Public Policy Polling released a new poll yesterday about conspiracy theories that circulate among political groups.  The findings are pretty scary, and explain why those in Congress believe shutting down the government is a good thing, not bad.  Here are some of the findings: * 62% of Republicans believe the Obama administration is secretly trying […]

Lying Liars and the Lies They Tell

If  you haven’t had the opportunity, you should check out Thom Hartmann’s book Cracking the Code. Essentially, the book breaks down how politicians and political commentators are able to control what we might call the political narrative. Hartmann calls it “issue framing.” Dragon highlighted this by talking about Chuck Todd’s recent comments on Morning Joe. […]

Chuck Todd’s Problem Spotlights the Death of the Fourth Estate

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Chuck Todd made an offhand comment about how the White House had lost the messaging war about the Affordable Care Act, essentially admitting that Fox News and the Republicans had been successful at confusing the public to the point that  many Americans did not understand it, and that the rest of […]

21st Century British Invasion

We are apparently experiencing a British Invasion of the 21st century. Those old enough to remember that Paul McCartney was in a band long before the one he has now, and before Wings, might remember the 1960’s British Invasion of the Beatles, the Bee Gees, the Rolling Stones, The Who, the Yardbirds, the Zombies, the […]

Goldberg suffers from convenient amnesia

I tried to get through a Jonah Goldberg column this morning. It’s a semi-regular exercise in futility I try when his columns appear in the Chronicle. For those that want to try the same game I will give you a leg up here. Since most of you likely don’t have the stomach for it, I’ll […]

The Price of a Cell Phone Battery

My soldier had confirmation last week that he would indeed be deploying to Afghanistan next year. Bear in mind that we are supposedly going through a ‘drawdown’ in Afghanistan through 2014. But then again, we’ve now signed an agreement with Afghanistan to help them ‘police’ things for ten years (at least) after that. When will […]