Gentlemen, Your Crow is Served

Maybe these clowns in the media should wait a few days before pulling out their tired, old, diatribes about President Obama’s ineffectiveness. Then they wouldn’t look like such damn fools when the president serves them their much-deserved and well-earned plate of crow. On Wednesday Joe Klein wrote this crap in Time: “He willingly jumped into […]

Cornyn: Obama Lucky Times Square Bomber is Talking

The Department of Homeland Security made a quick arrest in the attempted Times Square bombing after putting him on the No-Fly list on Monday.  Republicans took no time in finding something to twist into a negative - that the Pakistan-born naturalized U.S. Citizen was read his Miranda rights.  They overlooked the fact that the attempt was […]

Howard Beale, Where Are You?

I heard something on NPR this morning that irked me, to say the least. Since PBO took office over a year ago, there are still some 200 or so positions that are to be filled by his appointments. He has named people to these positions–don’t misunderstand–but apparently there seems to be a little problem in […]

Who’s The Celebrity Now, Sarah?

Remember this ad from the 2008 campaign?   Remember how the McCain campaign and their lackeys on talk-radio and the Fox Propaganda Channel went nuts over the crowd chanting “Obama, Obama?” Fast forward to yesterday in Plano, Texas at Sarah Palin’s book-signing. “Palin, former governor of Alaska, arrived around 11 a.m. Friday, shaking a few […]

The “Defending Torture Tour” Rolls On, Led By Two Cheneys and a McCain

The torture-defending spokespersons for the Republican Party were on full display yesterday on the Sunday news shows. First there was Papa Dick Cheney stopping by Fox News Sunday for a softball game with Chris Wallace, what Andrew Sullivan aptly named, A Teenage Girl Interviewing the Jonas Brothers. Then we had daughter Liz on This Week […]

President Obama’s Iran Policy is the Right One

Proving that they have learned absolutely nothing from our experience in Iraq, the neo-conservative interventionists, led by former Republican presidential candidate, Mr. Bomb, Bomb Iran himself, Senator John McCain, are beginning the drumbeat of “do something” following the fraudulent Iranian election. And naturally the cries of “weak” and “appeaser” in reference to President Obama and […]