50 Years Ago in Texas – Through the Eyes of a Ten Year Old

I was sitting in Miss Chambliss’ 5 grade classroom at Oakhurst Elementary School in Fort Worth.  It was a beautiful, crisp late autumn day, one of those days we cherish, living in the oven that is often Texas.  We had just come in from lunchtime recess and were getting back to studying when one of […]

UPDATED: Conservative Bloggers Use Fake Picture to Depict 9/12 Movement

As a sideline to Scott’s earlier blog, it turns out some of those aerial photos of the protesters that descended upon Washington, D.C. this weekend might be fake.  At least one is.  The photograph shown here was touted by Say Anything, a conservative blog, as reasonable justification for the claim of 1,000,000 attendees.    A sharp reader on the […]