A Touch of the Affluenza

In case you missed it, recently a Texas teen and his lawyer came up with the newest creative defense to criminal behavior. “Affluenza” is apparently an affliction that affects the very rich. It seems their hearts are two sizes too small. Tell me something I didn’t already know. The affuenza defense was successful in a […]

There’s Something Weird (and Very Wrong) Going On with New Mexico Police

File under icky, weird, and downright sick, New Mexico police officers have apparently become obsessed with probing the anal region of persons pulled over for routine traffic stops. ¬†Twice now, individuals pulled over for minor traffic violations in Deming, New Mexico have been subjected to numerous invasive anal searches after being falsely targeted by a […]

Update 2: Tree Thief In Mid-Town Houston

UPDATE 2: KPRC reports about our neighborhood thief. UPDATE:  KPRC Channel 2 in Houston has picked up this story; I will be giving an interview later this afternoon.  Also added is when the thief returned with an accomplice in a car to steal my neighbor’s trees.  For about 6 months now, a thief has been […]