Is This Any Way to Run a Country?

Republicans Conference

Uh, no. Remember this photo of Republicans ready to go to conference during the government shutdown? Something Democrats had been trying to get them to do since April? Well sir, the shutdown ended on October 17, the first meeting of the budget conference committee was yesterday, and what was accomplished? They decided to meet again […]

Media Whore

First, some definitions I collected online, in no particular order:  A person who craves media attention; someone who will apparently do anything to remain in the media spotlight. A media figure who will throw their mom under a bus and then sell her soul to get a ratings high. A person who has a psychological […]

Kick the can down the road

It is becoming increasingly difficult to approach anything happening in Washington (or Austin for that matter) with reason or common sense. Before I dive into what was happening there, I should go into some detail as to what was happening at home. Obviously, I won’t give absolute specifics, but my wife works for one of […]

The Republican Rainbow

Thanks, Republicans, for giving us such a beautiful rainbow. You are doing a marvelous job. I don’t think the DNC could have asked for better support in jumping over purple and going to blue in many districts in the future. You have shown your true colors, and none of them are red, white or blue. […]

The Cult of Opinion

As we move through the first week of the government shutdown I can’t help but think that the so-called mass media has a lot to do with the problems we have been facing. Of course, we have the now famous problems with Chuck Todd and David Gregory, but that really is the tip of the […]

VA Furloughing Another 7,000 Employees

While veterans’ groups organize to march on Washington memorials this Sunday to demand they be re-opened to “honor vets”, they continue to ignore the obvious problem (and it’s not closed memorials).  The VA just announced that, due to the government shutdown, they are furloughing another 7,000 employees, and if the shutdown continues, may not be […]

One Million Vets

There’s a new group that is forming, calling itself Million Vet March on the Memorials.  It’s yet another well-meaning, but misguided attempt to help during this completely unnecessary government shutdown caused by hostage taking in the House of Representatives.  It was born out of the orchestrated storming of the barricades at the World War II […]