Was Your Chicken Nugget Made In China? It’ll Soon Be Hard To Know : The Salt : NPR

In general, I believe that chicken nuggets, made from what’s left of the chicken after the meat is used, are disgusting. ┬áNow the USDA allows that substance to be imported from China? ┬áReally? Was Your Chicken Nugget Made In China? Itll Soon Be Hard To Know : The Salt : NPR.

Let’s Talk About Health

I’m going to redirect your attention from mainstream politics today to talk a little bit about health, lifestyle, and fitness.  The first lady’s Let’s Move initiative focuses on teaching children about food, nutrition, and fitness.  (So does Recipe for Success, a local nutrition education program that was founded by Gracie Cavnar, wife of the founder […]

State Sen. Dan Patrick Wants You To Eat Cookies But Does Not Want You To Have Health Insurance

Far-right Republican Texas State Senator Dan Patrick has announced the Patrick Family Sugar Cookie on his Facebook page. Here is the recipe– This is not a sweet cookie, but a pure flour-sugar cookie-really different-like peanuts, once you eat one you can’t stop 1 pound butter 4.5 to 5 cups sugar 6 eggs 1.5 teaspoons salt […]

Gracie Cavnar on Obesity: We Can Make Kids Healthy

Guest-blogged by Gracie Cavnar.  Original piece appeared on the Houston Chronicle opinion page today, February 21, 2010: First lady Michelle Obama recently announced her sweeping national initiative to combat childhood obesity. For the first time since this epidemic emerged, a comprehensive federal effort will coordinate with nonprofit organizations and the private sector to address the […]