Obama Campaign Caves to Latest Fake Outrage from the Right. This Time, It was a Poster

Over the weekend, the conservative blogosphere freaked out over an art print being sold by the Obama campaign.  The image was a free hand likeness similar to an American flag, with the Obama logo in the upper left corner.  Conservatives screamed that it was a “desecration” of the flag, even though it’s not a flag […]

UMSCH10: Peaks and Valleys

I could tell from my son’s last letter that he was back in the Valley of Homesick again. This may be occurring about every 3-4 weeks. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the exhaustion he’s probably feeling from the long days, odd hours, total lack of control over his own life, and […]

“You should never write for free”

Rick Reilly of ESPN gave a speech at a convocation for a journalism school and spouted off comments that all bloggers should be interested in. Essentially, he said that we are saps if we write for free. However, I’ll let you decide for yourself. “When you get out there, all I ask is that you: […]

UMSCH6: Sick Call

My soldier had his first “sick call” last week. I’d gotten a letter from him saying he felt like he was swallowing razorblades, and something was going around the barracks because several of the guys in his battalion had been sick previously. I’m guessing he was missing Dr. Mom at some point as I don’t […]

UMSCH3: All Quiet on the Texas Front

No call or letter this week, but I’m not surprised. He’s on base now, ACUs and all, so I’m sure he’s getting used to the pleasure of having a drill sergeant.  I decided to fill my time during this anticipated communication lull with research. I knew he would be going through a lot in training, […]

UMSCH2: 8 Minutes, 7 Seconds

So I got through my first week as a soldier’s mom. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy and he hasn’t even been deployed anywhere. I held it together last weekend before he went away to “Uncle Sam’s Extended Summer Camp” even though SF troops were killed just being transported from Point A to Point […]

Until My Son Comes Home

Today marks the start of a new weekly (Tuesday) blog series for me that I hope you will find of interest. My plan is to keep it going until my son comes home, hence the title. I truly hope that at some point my blog might find its way to any of our elected representatives. […]