Texas Governor’s Debate—Though Without The Governor

I attended the League of Women Voters of the Houston Area Texas Governor’s race debate held on Sunday, October 3 here in Houston. The debate was held at the Harris County Department of Education building you see pictured above. As you will note in the picture, this education building is named after Ronald Reagan. That would be funny if […]

Since He Won’t Debate, What Type Of Empty Chair Should Be Set Up For Rick Perry?

The League of Women Voters of the Houston Area and the Harris County Department of Education are hosting a debate for our Texas Governor’s Race. This debate will be held at 6PM Sunday, October 3 at the Harris County Board of Education building located at 6300 Irvington Boulevard in Houston. (Above–Incumbent Governor Rick perry refuses to debate this […]

Avoiding the Clayton Williams

The Clayton Williams story is a simple one. He was destined to be governor of the great state of Texas. He held a sizeable lead over Ann Richards a week before the election. The only thing that could have stopped him is what eventually happened. He was being interviewed when someone asked him his opinions […]

Texas Gubernatorial Debate Set To Go On Without Perry

Yep, the headline is correct. Five major newspapers in the state’s largest cities (Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Fort Worth) have scheduled a debate for October 19th at the University of Texas.  All five papers ran editorials this morning urging Governor Rick Perry to stop playing games and step up to give Texans the […]

Open Thread: Bill White’s Campaign Strategy

I’m feeling a bit under the weather and wanted to turn the discussion back over to you guys today. I read a poll last week that tied Bill White up with Rick Perry.  That’s great news given he faces low name recognition as it is state-wide. Question:  You are Bill White’s campaign manager.  What does […]

UPDATE w/video: Perry Campaign Holds Best Press Conference Ever

I’m writing this with a good bit of LOL in my bones. Thanks to The Burnt Orange Report, Elise Hu, and TX Democratic Headquarters Facebook page for this afternoon giggle. Apparently, today at 1:00 PM, the Perry campaign announced some sort of press conference to discuss..well,..something.. in front of Travis County Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign […]