bob-cavnarThe Daily Hurricane is devoted to news and views about politics, energy, health, science, education, current affairs, as well as national and international news.  We are Houston based, so we also cover local politics, current affairs, and life in Hurricane Alley. We are a group of bloggers of different backgrounds who have banded together to express our opinions in an open, respectful environment that encourages lively discussion from different political and social perspectives.  To that end, our motto here is “Be Nice or Go Home”.

Bob Cavnar is Founder & Editor of The Daily Hurricane and this small planet. His is also the author of Disaster on the Horizon, about the BP well blowout and its aftermath. He is an energy industry veteran based in Houston, a regular commentator on national network television, and is active in local and national politics. He brings a pragmatic business perspective to his commentary, often going contrary to traditional industry political positions in expressing his opinions on energy, environment, healthcare, media, and politics. On his blog, he has written series on global and national energy policy, our faltering healthcare system, party politics, the consolidation of media ownership, and the growing acceptance of hate speech and bigotry within mainstream politics. Go here for a more complete bio of Bob.

Bob is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post, and some of his network television appearances can be seen on The Daily Hurricane’s video page.

Desperado_2Craig Yates, aka Desperado, was born and raised in Houston.  He describes himself as “an average blue-collar working person” who has worked for a natural gas utility company for 31 years. He is a former Republican who became increasingly disenchanted with the continued shift of the party further and further to the right, and supported Barack Obama for President. He is a featured blogger for the Houston Chronicle who’s particular areas of focus are Constitutional issues and hypocrisy of our elected officials.

kellyhaynesnewKelly Haynes, aka AstrosGirlKel, is a lifelong Houstonian. She participates in local politics and has appeared on the Ron Reagan show on Air America. Her writings focus on national politics – specifically, asking questions and debunking pre-conceived notions we have about policy, both economic and social. As a reformed Republican, she also focuses on the effects and consequences of playing politics as usual. Politics aside, her interests are family, fitness, cooking, and sports.

Barzilla_3Scott Barzilla, a native Houstonian, has been an educator for twelve years. Currently, he serves as a school counselor and assistant volleyball coach in Galveston. Scott also writes for Astrosdaily.com and Kissmyastros.com. He is also the author of three books: Checks and Imbalances, The State of Baseball Management, and Combating Ignorance: Inside and Outside the Classroom. Scott will be commenting on matters of education as well as traditional politics.

golden-buddha_low-resVoice, is a single mother of three devastatingly handsome young men, one of whom has a chronic disease. She is a former small business owner who had to go back to work in Corporate America to obtain healthcare benefits for her children. She has also been the victim of identity theft, and a deadbeat dad–both of which have made her a staunch advocate for women and children’s issues, healthcare reform, working smarter/not harder, critical thinking, and quality of life!

photo-neil-bwNeil Aquino has lived in Houston since 1998. Before moving to Texas, Neil lived in Providence, R.I. and Cincinnati, Ohio. In every place he has lived, Neil has taken part in the life of his community. At age 10, Neil spoke at the Rhode Island Statehouse against a nuclear power plant. In Cincinnati, he co-hosted a weekly punk rock program on a community radio station. He also worked as chief of staff for a member of the Cincinnati City Council and was endorsed by Stonewall Cincinnati and the AFL-CIO as a candidate for the Cincinnati School Board. For the last four years, Neil has written the successful blog, Texas Liberal. He is also a featured politics reader-blogger for the Houston Chronicle’s website. Neil has a political science degree from Xavier University in Cincinnati, completed the Institute for Campaign Management at American University in Washington D.C. and was selected a Juried Poet at the 1999 University of Houston-Downtown PoetryFest. Neil is married.

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