Black Friday

This beautiful young lady’s name is Paige.

Paige 2

She’s my niece’s daughter, she’s 13-years-old, smart as a whip, and loves to do all the things a typical 21st century teenager loves to do. And yesterday we found out she has cancer.

I’m finding out first-hand what this horrible disease does. Priorities are suddenly and drastically re-arranged. All the things that seemed important before yesterday no longer matter. For our family, one thing and only one thing is important now–whatever we have to do to help her beat this damn disease. That’s it. And that’s exactly we all intend to do.


  1. says

    Wow, that is just horrible news. Houston is probably the best place to beat cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and the whole family. Most of my students are that age. I just couldn’t imagine.

  2. doug says

    Very sorry to hear this Desperado. You wonder what is in the environment that would cause a girl so young to get cancer. Of course it can happen to anyone at any age from genes alone, but still, are there a lot of petrochemical plants upwind from where your niece lives?

    Again, that’s very sad, and sorry.

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