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  1. offshore778 says

    Looks like you’ve covered all the bases, Bob, and I agree with you. I haven’t been here to read much but I somehow knew you would write about this and that your post would make sense.
    I’ve never understood why anyone would look at our constitutional right to bare arms as a totally unchecked free for all. I, too, am a gun owner and I certainly don’t want my right to protect my family taken away but I see no reason that any reasonable person would object to your proposal.
    P.S.: I hope all is well with you and the rest of you readers out there. Happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. Scott Barzilla says

    Lets consider this from a common sense perspective. The government regulates a lot of things that are dangerous to its citizens. The governing question has to be how an item is designed to be used. You don’t ban bathtubs because of Andrea Yates and you don’t ban fertilizer because of Timothy McVeigh. Assault weapons are designed to kill people and that only has a positive utility in the military. There are no socially redeeming qualities to assault weapons. Handguns, shotguns, and standard rifles have positive utilities outside of murder and mayhem.
    However, I would urge all politically active Americans to please keep on their elected officials to also address the mental health aspect to this. As a quasi mental health practitioner I implore everyone to keep that on the front burner as well. We as citizens need to be more aware of what goes on around us but we also must give families and individuals options when they refer themselves or someone in their family. Andrea Yates turned herself in, but she couldn’t be kept beyond a few days because of gaps in insurance and a large gap in state funding. The boy’s mother in this latest case was struggling with him in recent months. She desperately needed more options.

  3. bubbabobcat says

    Thanks Bob. Great reasonable middle of the road, moderate points. However, I myself am an admitted “far left” very strong gun control advocate. Of all kinds and not just assault rifles. And I HAVE fired an assault rifle (M-16) on semi and full auto many a times in the military (but never in combat). At least we have a big tent and no ideological purity test. Also probably why we tend to be more dysfunctional as a party and political bloc.
    I agree with your “forever stamp” application of gun ownership and responsibility. As a start. I have already posted some of this on the GOPLifer blog on the chron as 72katz. In the long run, I would like to see gun ownership modeled after the NYC handgun laws (but applied to all guns) where the applicant has to prove a need for the firearm. i.e. a diamond merchant who is at risk while transporting the value of his products.
    For starters, we need to implement a total ban on assault weapons and permanent reduction to five round magazines for rifles and handguns except for law enforcement officers (and the military of course). If the killer had to reload more often, the death toll would definitely had been less as he cowardly killed himself immediately once police arrived within minutes. Who wouldn’t like to see even ONE LESS DEAD CHILD from this horrific massacre?
    We as a country need to grow up and act like adults already. We don’t need guns to feel “secure” (re: compensation for emotional, social, or physical appendage inadequacies). You want to be a badass, join Seal Team 6 (if you’re good enough).
    The Second Amendment is the most truncated and quoted out of context rallying cry imaginable. NO ONE mentions the key preamble of “well regulated militia” regarding the “right to bear arms”.
    We didn’t have a National Guard, central police force, nor even a decent military to start over 200 years ago. A lot changes in 200+ years, you know. There are (sadly) no longer vast wildernesses in this country to arm and protect yourself from marauding wild predators or “savage injuns” trying to reclaim the land that was rightfully theirs to begin with. If you want to live in a civilized society, act like you belong in one. If you want to live in the new Wild West, move to Somalia. The old Wild West has been gone a long long time, despite the irrationally insecure “needs” of the gun nuts.
    In addition, “sport” hunting is a luxury. And a dying pastime. Let it die as soon as possible. I personally don’t understand or find the “sport” in shooting and killing an unsuspecting living creature that cannot protect itself from or equitably shoot back at you in your “sporting entertainment” from a safe distance. Even the NFL is protecting its handsomely paid modern Roman Coliseum gladiators with their concussion initiatives by dramatically changing the rules and the nature of the game to protect adults who voluntarily put themselves in harm’s way for our entertainment. Yet we will do NOTHING and selfishly sacrifice NOT A DAMN THING to protect innocent 6 and 7 year olds? They weren’t “just” massacred; they died HORRIBLY, shot up to 11 times at close range by a modified weapon of war. These guns and bullets don’t make clean and surgical cartoon bullet “holes”. They died excruciatingly painfully while frightened, confused, and utterly terrified. Just so the privileged 3 per cent of the population can shoot non human God’s creature in the same manner for “fun and “sport”? We can’t give up one iota of our insane gun “rights” just to save one child? And the survivors are forever scarred emotionally also. The details are just now coming out. CNN reported yesterday that one girl lay still under the dead bodies of her 6 and 7 year old friends and classmates and pretended to be dead herself to survive. JUST SO A PRIVILEGED FEW CAN LEGALLY SATIATE THEIR OWN BLOOD LUST on other defenseless living creatures. For “fun” and “sport”.
    It’s not just a deranged lone gunman or powerful wingnut gun lobby or gutless political “leaders” (to include President Obama on this issue) that are culpable. It’s our insane gun culture and kowtowing to those crazy minority gun nuts and letting them throw their effete and insecure 98 pound weight like an 800 pound gorilla. And gutless non action by anti gun advocates as myself to not stand up to the gun lobby bullies for so long. Australia and Scotland took action and banned and eliminated assault rifles after their horrific massacres in 1996 and not one single gun massacre has occurred since in either country. DUH!
    Why are we as a great nation so damn stupid way too often?
    Thanks for letting me vent Bob. Even if 99% of the progressives don’t even agree with me.

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