ODS–Thanksgiving Edition

The right-wing freak-out over all things Obama continues. This time it’s the president’s Thanksgiving address yesterday. The headline at The Daily Caller reads: Obama Thanksgiving address: Calls to unite behind WH, doesn’t thank God Then in the opening paragraph that changed from “unite behind the White House” to “unite behind him.” Uh, no he didn’t. […]

Tick Tock: 2016 is Coming … Noooooooo!

I’m so glad the election is over, but couldn’t they give us at least ONE day of rest before talking about the 2016 election? They aren’t going to so, FINE. There are some take-aways we need to pay attention to going forward. By ‘we’ I mean us regular citizens, not the pandering/lying/sleazy/self-serving politicians who already […]

2012 Election Results: Lessons That Need to be Learned

It became apparent fairly early in the evening last night that the Republicans were going to get thumped.  As state results began to march across the map, with major battleground states turning blue, and Tea Party candidates losing, Republican hopes waned.  Their plan simply didn’t work.  The hundreds of millions of billionaires’ money didn’t work. […]