Obama Campaign Caves to Latest Fake Outrage from the Right. This Time, It was a Poster

Over the weekend, the conservative blogosphere freaked out over an art print being sold by the Obama campaign.  The image was a free hand likeness similar to an American flag, with the Obama logo in the upper left corner.  Conservatives screamed that it was a “desecration” of the flag, even though it’s not a flag at all.  Here’s said offensive image:


The fake outrage campaign worked, of course, and the poster no longer appears on the store at barackobama.com.  I understand their reluctance to fight the well oiled noise machine of the right, but come on.  It’s not like no Republican candidate for president has ever done it before, right?   Right? Not so fast:


Oh, it gets better:

Nixon Flag.jpg

And the best one of all.  Yes, that’s the likeness of a beardless Honest Abe where the stars belong.  How egotistical.


So, here’s a suggestion for the conservative blogosphere when they latch on to some too-good-to-be-true source of new outrage:  Spend a few minutes on the Google machine like I did.  Maybe then then you won’t make such an ass of yourself.

Your welcome.


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