The Slow Train Wreck of Shale Producers

Arthur Berman is one of the few voices who has continually warned of the poor economics of shale drilling.  I’m a personal fan of his work and courage to speak out.  He was interviewed a couple of weeks ago by CBS News about Chesapeake’s meltdown.  Have a look: You can find his work at the […]

Dirty Business: How Unaccountable Bureaucrats Kill Clean Technology | this small planet

President Obama speaks regularly about how the United States government should encourage the development and deployment of clean technology to reduce our dependence on oil, especially the oil imported from countries that hate us. I couldn’t agree more. The problem is, though, that no matter who sits in the White House, there are thousands of […]

Goldberg suffers from convenient amnesia

I tried to get through a Jonah Goldberg column this morning. It’s a semi-regular exercise in futility I try when his columns appear in the Chronicle. For those that want to try the same game I will give you a leg up here. Since most of you likely don’t have the stomach for it, I’ll […]

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Following President Obama’s announcement that he supports same-sex marriage, the typical response from those who see themselves as defenders of so-called “traditional” marriage, but who are in fact defenders of discrimination, is that same-sex marriage has been put on the ballot in some 30+ states and has been defeated in every one. (Not surprisingly our […]

The Price of a Cell Phone Battery

My soldier had confirmation last week that he would indeed be deploying to Afghanistan next year. Bear in mind that we are supposedly going through a ‘drawdown’ in Afghanistan through 2014. But then again, we’ve now signed an agreement with Afghanistan to help them ‘police’ things for ten years (at least) after that. When will […]