I Learned In My Punk Rock Days That Action Is Your Responsibility

Recently I came upon a collection of fliers promoting shows at the great Jockey Club in Newport, Kentucky. The Jockey Club, just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, was the best punk rock club in all the midwest. It closed in 1988. There is a Jockey Club Facebook page you can join. You can read […]

Despite The Risks, Republicans Won’t Allow Debate On Climate Change

A recent article in New Scientist said that changing weather patterns have increased the chance for recurring drought in East Africa.  (Above–Oxfam photo of a family gathering firewood in drought-stricken Kenya in 2011.)   From New Scientist— “Last year’s drought occurred because both of the region’s rainy seasons failed. We already know that the trigger for the […]

Rick Santorum on Prenatal Testing

Rick Santorum on Face the Nation yesterday, discussing prenatal testing, in particular amniocentesis: “And in fact, prenatal testing, particularly amniocentesis — I’m not talking about general prenatal care…We’re talking about specifically prenatal testing, and specifically amniocentesis, which is a procedure that actually creates a risk of having a miscarriage when you have it, and is […]

The So-called Obama theology

Rick Santorum is picking up steam these days in spite of himself and some ardent supporters. After all, I think the whole aspirin between the knees bit is a bit worn out. Santorum suggested there was a double standard in how Obama was treated following the Jeremiah Wright flap. Apparently, Obama was given a pass. […]

Conservative Radio Host Michael Berry Involved in Scandal

From KPRC.com: “HOUSTON – Security camera footage from a well-known gay bar has played a key role in a hit-and-run investigation of a former Houston City Councilman, who is now a conservative talk show host, Local 2 Investigates reported on Wednesday… Tuderia Bennett, of Galena Park, told Houston police that he was working as a […]

Heritage Foundation Proves Democrats Kick Republican Ass at Counterterrorism… Unintentionally

Earlier this week, noted Republican columnist George Will wrote an op-ed piece entitled “Republicans Need More Than Rhetoric on Defense,” which appeared in the February 9 edition of the Washington Post.  Among other topics, Mr. Will noted that – given the robust track record of President Obama’s administration – it is becoming increasingly difficult to […]

Big City Driving for Dummies

Eight simple rules of the road for navigating the streets and freeways of the Greater Houston area while avoiding; (a) middle-finger salutes (b) having your parent’s marital status at the time of your birth disputed, and (c) comparisons to various parts of the human anatomy. 1) Put down the damn phone and drive. 2) Traffic […]

California district throws out baby with bathwater

Update: Astrogirlkel has informed me that some teachers have allegedly looked the other way and some were accused of actually passing students along to the pedophile(s). In a story that demands a second read to be believed, a California school district has removed its entire staff because two of its members were charged with sexual […]

Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment. Time for Nancy Brinker to Tell the Truth. Or Resign.

Tonight, Keith gave a special comment about the ongoing controversy over the Susan B. Komen Foundation’s decision to defund Planned Parenthood for politically expedient reasons.  Saying what we are saying, much more eloquently than us, Keith asserts that Karen Handel resigning is not enough.  Have a look: