Private Sector Workers Undercompensated

The headline at National Review Online reads “Federal Workers Overcompensated.” It refers to this study just released by the Congressional Budget Office comparing wages and benefits of federal government employees versus their counterparts in the private sector, illustrated by this chart: As you can see, the difference in wages isn’t that much. The higher wages-21% […]

Two Great Web Resources To Empower Yourself

While much of what is on the web is junk, there are some great resources for folks who want to use their discretionary time effectively. C-SPAN has a full archive of all its programming over the years. One thing I find of value at the C-SPAN site is the Booknotes page. Booknotes was a weekly interview program that […]

The Life of the Unemployed

It’s been a long time. I want to introduce myself. My name is Scott Barzilla and I am unemployed. Back in November, things were picking up. I had what seemed like a firm offer from an insurance company and I got a holiday job at Barnes and Noble. That job went away when the holidays […]

Report: White House Pressured Scientists to Underestimate BP Spill Size | Mother Jones

Kate Shepherd reports on emails released under FOIA that confirms what we feared during the BP Macondo well blowout:  in an effort to get the blowout off the television, the government downplayed the environmental damage.  in her report in Mother Jones yesterday, Kate reports on the emails. Report: White House Pressured Scientists to Underestimate BP […]

Ron Paul: A Victim of His Own Ideology

You’re all familiar with the libertarian leanings of Republican candidate, Ron Paul.  Lately, his followers have taken to claims that the media isn’t treating him fairly.  Poor Mr. Paul, he can’t even get asked a question about abortion at a debate, and he was an OB for years! I have this to say to Paul […]

Serial A-hole

This could also be subtitled “The Wandering Eye of Newt” I know I personally suffer from Adult-Onset Attention Deficit (AOAD), but has the Tea Party buried their heads in their rectums these days? I know it was soooooo last century when the Newtster was House Speaker, but seriously, this man got a standing O last […]