Following Each Other Into The Pit

Newt Gingrich is currently the  leading anybody-but-Romney choice of far-right Republican extremists.

At first it was Donald Trump who held this position.

Then Michelle Bachmann.

Then Rick Perry.

Then Herman Cain. 

And now, as mentioned above, it is Mr. Gingrich’s turn.

This all reminds me of the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles.

At the La Brea Tar Pits back in Ice Age times, a creature would fall in the sticky tar and start to sink.

Another creature would see this vulnerability and leap in expecting an easy meal.

That predatory beast would sink as well.

They are all leaping in—One after another after another.

If Governor Romney is nominated by Republicans , how will he be able to withstand the pressures within his party to govern from the extreme right? Mr. Romney rarely score above 25%  in polls. What will he have to do to win over a voter base that will support anybody at all to avoid backing Mr. Romney? Already Mr. Romney has gone back on his own health care plan from Massachusetts.

(At the top of the post—A 1921 illustration of the Tar Pits by Charles R. Knight. A Giant Sloth has been trapped in the pit while foolish snarling Sabre Tooth Tigers think they are going to get fed. Above are some California Condors who can maybe –blissfully unaware of how rough a future they are going to have— swoop down for some sinking flesh. )  

(Below–Elephants–of one kind or another–have been lured into a pit of no return for many years. Here is a post I wrote in 2009 about a big fossil find at the Tar Pits and about if the DNA of Ice Age beasts should be used to someday bring them back.) 


  1. doug says

    Santorum will be next, and will be the flavor of the month at primary time. Then he’ll go on to win the presidency. Why?
    Because voters are INSANE.

  2. carguy says

    doug, I rarely disagree with you, BUT, Santorum is firmly ensconced at a stable 1%. For HIM to climb into the lead, even with this bunch of lunatics, would be a miracle. Huntsman as well. I think the merry-go-round ends here. With the news of Newt’s $1.6 mil from Freddie, he is already slipping. We will end up going into the early caucuses and primary with a 25-15-14-8-6-1-1 split.

  3. doug says

    Hey Carguy. But I’m right about the voters being insane part, aren’t I?
    No, but I seriously heard some analysis that made an interesting case for Santorum being next in line. For one, he’s building a very strong ground game in Iowa. But I was being a little tongue in cheek with my comment. I don’t know what the hell is going to happen. But, I bet Vegas could give you pretty good odds on Santorum. Might be worth a five spot.

  4. carguy says

    Are you sure he just doesn’t mean that Rick II has wooden teeth???? Any other comparison seems preposterous, ludicrous, or both.

  5. Shortstuff says

    Kathleen is probably dreaming of being the 4th Mrs. Gingrich. She probably drools over the idea of a charge account at Tiffany’s.
    Gotta have more jewelry for her huntin’ trips, ya know.
    Seriously…..anything Tinkle says is just plain idiotic anyway. Good only for lining bird cages with. She’s just pissed that her honey Perry is in the bottom of the tank.

  6. Shortstuff says

    On a more serious note, don’t you think any thoughtful members of the GOP (are there any left?) would be just slightly embarrassed by the total clown posse that is the current crop of candidates?
    Have they no shame?
    Those people are all dumb, crazy, or both. I cringe to hear any of them talk. Huntsman is the only one with any intelligence and there is no way the teabaggers would vote for him.
    The GOP has been hijacked by a group that defines insanity. They dream of America being a rightwing fundamentalist Christian Taliban theocracy. Like I’ve been saying: the Tealiban.
    If they take over, I’m moving to freaking England.

  7. alienHunter says

    That’s for real, I mean she is really senseless. She is one of those empty headed folks with strong opinions. The kind of person that raises the ghosts of homicidal tendencies that are buried within me. That’s why I steer clear.

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