Keeping Up The Pressure For HISD Board Member Manuel Rodriguez’s Resignation

Incumbent Houston Independent School District Board member Manuel Rodriguez circulated anti-gay campaign materials during his recent reelection bid. (Above–Citizens of our community calling for the resignation of Manuel Rodriguez.) Mr. Rodriguez won his race by 24 votes. A website has been established to call for Mr. Rodriguez’s resignation from the board.  There is also a Facebook […]

Republican Houston Council Candidate Jack Christie Is Not What He Claims

Republican Houston City Council At-Large # 5 candidate Jack Christie recently sent out a campaign mailer in which I am quoted.  Mr. Christie is in a runoff election against incumbent Democrat Jolanda Jones. (Above–Smiling Jack Christie.)  Here is what Mr. Christie quotes me as saying about Ms. Jones— “Her story on Council seems in good […]

Beware of Muslim Turkeys

“[E]very single Butterball turkey sold in the United States of America has been sacrificed to Allah” according to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association. His source is Pamela Geller, so you know it must be true. From Right Wing Watch: <br /> You just can’t make this stuff up.

Keeping Us Safe From Turkey Fryers

The Department of Homeland Security has elevated the threat level for the holiday weekend–from turkey fryers: They even provided a link to this informative video: &amp;amp;amp;lt;br /&amp;amp;amp;gt; Your tax dollars at work. In other news, the weather forecast is…..who cares:                                […]

Almost Time To Occupy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is almost here. Lieutenant John Pike is out and pepper spraying at the Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving family dinner. Nothing is more wholesome and American than Occupy Wall Street fighting for the 99%, and the free use of our First Amendment freedoms. I hope everybody has some great Thanksgiving plans. Please drive safely and let’s all be kind to one […]

Willful Ignorance

Willful ignorance: “The practice or act of intentional and blatant avoidance, disregard or disagreement with facts, empirical evidence and well-founded arguments because they oppose or contradict your own existing personal beliefs.” If there’s a better description of the American right I haven’t found it. This poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University showing that Fox News viewers […]

And the Winner Is…

Today’s award for Biggest Asshole in a Leading Role goes to the Republican front-runner du jour Newt Gingrich, for his comment at a Thanksgiving Family Forum (which is a joke in itself) that the Occupy Wall Street protesters should “go get a job right after you take a bath.” From Think Progress:     You […]


I saw a program this morning that portrayed a doomsday scenario of a nuclear weapon being detonated in the DC area and the series of events that would take place to begin rescue,  recovery and continuity of government. Seriously, we know that within a certain radius, there will be no such thing as recovery, but […]

This Is What a Police State Looks Like

In Seattle: In Portland: At UC-Davis: <br /> More about UCD: “Police used batons to try to push the students apart. Those they could separate, they arrested, kneeling on their bodies and pushing their heads into the ground. Those they could not separate, they pepper-sprayed directly in the face, holding these students as they did […]