The Reality for Children of Illegal Immigrants

With the recent political discourse on illegal immigrants, amnesty, in-state tuition, etc., let’s have a real discussion based upon reality.

If a child was brought to this country illegally, yes, he could certainly attend any school here with no questions asked. It wouldn’t matter if his parents actually left the country and left him here to live with someone else, he could still attend public school with no problem. Okaaaay.

If he were adopted by a legal citizen before he reached 16 years of age, he would attain US citizenship. If, however, he was not adopted and still lived here and went to public school until age 18, he could STILL qualify for in-state tuition at any public college/university–and scholarships, and potentially graduate with a degree. Really? How do you figure this one?

The challenge would occur, however, upon graduation when he tried to seek employment after graduation and couldn’t obtain employment because he was NOT a US citizen. No legal status, so no documents required by US employers.

So in Texas, as it now stands, we have children of illegal immigrants–who are still illegal immigrants themselves–who can attend public school, paid for by taxpayer citizens, and then become eligible for public monies to attend public universities, potentially receive scholarships and obtain degrees, but then are UNABLE to work in this country because of their still illegal immigration status.

They have no hope of being able to obtain work unless perhaps they marry a US citizen and obtain a green card, or maybe enter the US military and are granted US citizenship after their military service.

In war time, “All immigrants who have served honorably on active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces or as a member of the Selected Ready Reserve on or after September 11, 2001 are eligible to file for immediate citizenship under the special wartime provisions in Section 329 of the INA. This section also covers veterans of designated past wars and conflicts.”

In peace time,  an individual may qualify for naturalization (citizenship) if he or she has: 

   Served honorably for at least one year.

   Obtained lawful permanent resident status. (how, by marrying a US citizen or finally, LEGALLY, going through the process which can take YEARS)

   An application while still in the service or within six months of separation.

Honestly, I have a problem with this. I’m a taxpayer. I have children who won’t qualify for scholarships because of their ethnicity, i.e., legal status, in some cases, in the US. 

How is this fair?

Immigration is an added value in this country. If you go through the proper channels, you can be AWARDED US citizenship. If you, or your parents, circumvent the system, I honestly feel you shouldn’t be AWARDED things that legal citizens of this country can’t obtain.

I’m sure we’re talking about some nice people but, good grief, at some point we’re talking about people who have BROKEN THE LAWS of this country.

How much more do we have to take up the a$$, Rick Perry? This is not one of those areas you get to use to make you look like a nice guy to the rest of the US while we in Texas are paying for it to make you look good. 

Jackass. Way to screw E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y.


  1. lomamonster says

    Way to go, Voice! Ever since I landed on this planet I have noticed the inequities and have a long laundry list of grievances. Why they gave me these teeth and eyes, I’ll never know. I’m so far sighted that I used to burn the jim shorts off of the kids in front of me with my glasses when the coach would sit us down for a pow-wow!
    Just kidding…

  2. alienHunter says

    Honestly, I have a problem with this. I’m a taxpayer. I have children who won’t qualify for scholarships because of their ethnicity, i.e., legal status, in some cases, in the US.
    Speaking as a U.S. citizen that normally pays taxes, I don’t have a problem with it. They can give illegal children anything they want because it won’t affect my daughter. She will qualify for any scholarship she chooses because she has what it takes to do it. It’s the American Way…no.

  3. RockheadedMama says

    This is not an easy issue – in fact, I can’t think of any “easy” issues. However, children don’t commit crimes when it comes to immigration – their parents do. What would you rather: they stay uneducated and here or educated and here? Personally, I think we have plenty of uneducated and ignorant in Texas. I am all for lowering THOSE numbers!
    As for that “fair” factor? Give me a break! Cry me a sad song. I am a citizen. I have never done anything illegal. I have my papers. The State of Texas just stole $200,000 from me. Life isn’t fair. We have to put on our big girl panties and get on with living our lives. How fair is it to get cancer? To lose everything due to a forest fire? How fair is it to be born in a country that is so overrun with drug cartels and shootings that your parents bring you to a neighboring country to give you opportunities not just AT life but just to continue to LIVE?
    As for that “scholarship” money – most often illegal immigrants don’t go to school on scholarship – they do it the old fashioned way – by paying/working their way through. Same as my kids. There are only about 65,000 “illegal” kids who graduate from high school each year. If 70% of all (legal and illegal) hs graduates enter college and only 28% of ALL students who go, graduate from a college, and, “illegal” kids are LESS LIKELY to go to college, you are talking about VERY FEW kids. BTW, In every year between 1975 and 2009, the immediate college enrollment rates of high school completers from low- and middle-income families were lower than those of high school completers from high-income families. Most recently, in 2009, the immediate college enrollment rate of high school completers from low-income families was 55 percent, 29 percentage points lower than the rate of high school completers from high-income families (84 percent). So, if you REALLY want your kid to FINISH college (that’s what gets them the good jobs, that finishing part) – then YOU need to make MORE MONEY.
    IMO, people need to stop being jealous of other people and start hoping (and HELPING) other people to do really really really well. Because only if OTHER PEOPLE are doing really really really well, will there be a strong chance of you AND YOURS doing the same. I thought this was a lesson my grandparents and their generation taught us – a rising tide floats all boats!
    If you want your child to go to college, and have access to really really really really good jobs – make sure they are motivated and enthused enough about their education to get into Rice University, or some other similar private college. Last I heard, Rice alum graduated with less than $10k owing in student loans.

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