Short Musings About Republican Presidential Candidates

Chris Christie should not be subjected to multiple, baseless, cruel fat jokes.  He is a bad candidate based on his merits; weight has nothing to do with it.  Imagine his brash, crass style while negotiating with enemies holding nukes.  No, thanks! Michele Bachmann should not be constantly questioned about submission to her husband.  She’s crazy […]

The Patriot Act: Keeping Us Safe From Those Dope Smoking Hippies

The so-called “Patriot Act”and its circumvention of the Fourth Amendment was all about keeping us safe from terrorists, right? Wrong. “On September 12, 2001, Assistant Attorney General Viet Dinh started creating what would come to be known as the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act–the Patriot […]

Houston Council At-Large #2 Candidate Bolivar Fraga Plays All Sides

Houston At-Large #2 City Council Candidate Bolivar Fraga appears to be playing all sides. The Harris County Republican Party website lists Mr. Fraga as a Republican. This would make sense as Mr. Fraga voted in the 2010 Republican Primary. However, Mr. Fraga told Houston political blogger Charles Kuffner in an interview that  he voted in the […]

KBR Rape Accuser ordered to pay KBR’s Legal Fees – $145,000

From KHOU: A judge has ordered a former KBR Inc. employee to pay $145,000 of the company’s court costs after she lost her lawsuit alleging she was drugged and raped while working in Iraq. A federal jury in Houston had ruled for KBR and against Jamie Leigh Jones after her civil trial in July. KBR […]

5/65 Democrats

In his book, We’re Right, They’re Wrong, James Carville described the kind of Democrat he was by calling himself a 5/65 Democrat. That way, he said that people should either be working or going to school from the age of five to 65. It should be the business of government to not only make this […]

“You should never write for free”

Rick Reilly of ESPN gave a speech at a convocation for a journalism school and spouted off comments that all bloggers should be interested in. Essentially, he said that we are saps if we write for free. However, I’ll let you decide for yourself. “When you get out there, all I ask is that you: […]