UMSCH4: On the “Ponder”-osa

I have had a few days to ponder the current ‘situation’ of my son being in the military. I obviously have my own perspective; I’m doing my best to see things from his perspective; and I honestly haven’t thought too much about other people’s perspectives so far, but a couple of things happened this week […]

Dynasties and Empires

Historians have always told us to make sure we learn our history or we will be doomed to repeat. That sounds easy enough, but we must be sure to understand the lesson first. Our parents told us about the boy who cried wolf, Pinocchio, and other all of the Brothers Grimm tales.  Those all had […]

Raging Floods in Vermont While Networks Stay in Town | this small planet

Vermont is washing away while CNN is covering Chris Christie’s umpteenth press conference and MSNBC is back to weekend crime shows. Bridges washed out, people swept away, hundreds of houses flooded. The Ottauquehee River at my home in Woodstock is at least 15 feet above normal, neighbors below have been evacuated. All of Wilmington is […]

Perry Cake: Have it and Eat it

This week I have had visions of Marie Antoinette, powdered wigs, posh surroundings, starving peasants and so forth in my head, for some reason. Headlines this week included one about Ick Perry handing the Feds a bill for $350 million for incarcerating illegal aliens. This is the same guy that once called the idea of […]