The Purpose of the Nutjob Candidate

First, I’d like to apologize for not being around much lately.  As most of you know, we added a third child to our family this year and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to blog regularly while keeping up with extremely active, wonderful children all day. That being said, I have a quick observation to share […]

Zip It

It’s been a banner month for whistle-blowers and sexual predators. Like the woman in Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s case, and the woman in the incident with the Egyptian banker, today I stood up for myself and for the other women on my team and called out someone who had been sexually harassing us all for months. I […]

Post Holiday Thoughts

I was on vacation for Memorial Day and during such holidays you never want to add too much commentary. It’s kind of like Michael Moore and the Oscars. Yes, we may agree with what he said, but it wasn’t the right time, place, or probably messenger. I’m not sure I am either, but I’ll give […]

Happy 81st, Clint

May 31, 1930. Clinton Eastwood Jr. was born in San Francisco. Here are my top three of his many classic movie lines. Number three, from Gran Torino, “Get off my lawn,” (Click on the link. For some reason You Tube doesn’t allow this clip to be shared). Number two, from Dirty Harry, “Well do ya, […]


As we all do our holiday thing today, take a minute to remember what this day is all about. Remember those who died giving birth to a nation at Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill.Remember those who died to preserve that nation at Gettysburg.Remember those who died early one Sunday morning at Pearl Harbor.Remember those who […]

Memorial Day History And Links

In 2011, Memorial Day is Monday, May 30 Here is some history on the origins of Memorial Day and, also, links appropriate for Memorial Day Take the time it requires to learn about the world. ( We’ve been fighting wars for a long time. Above is an engraving by Amos Doolittle of  the Battle of Lexington and Concord in […]

NHL Playoffs. Who Ya Got?

The National Hockey League playoffs are down to three teams. The Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning take to the ice tonight in game 7 of the Eastern Conference finals  to decide who faces the Western Conference champion Vancouver Canucks for the Stanley Cup. Pick your favorite. The Boston Bruins Ice Girls: Or the […]

Patriot Act Extended

Washington acts quickly….when they want to: “Congress on Thursday passed a four-year extension of post-Sept. 11 powers to search records and conduct roving wiretaps in pursuit of terrorists. Votes taken in rapid succession in the Senate and House came after lawmakers rejected attempts to temper the law enforcement powers to ensure that individual liberties are […]

House Republican Leader Gives Terms For Missouri Tornado Help

Republican U.S. House of Representatives Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia says that any federal assistance for the Joplin, Missouri tornadoes will have to be offset by others cuts in the federal budget. (Above—Picture of Joplin damage as taken by macahanC6R.)   From the Washington Times— “House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said Monday that if Congress passes […]