Adding Insult to Wrongful Imprisonment

Anthony Graves has some nerve. How dare he prove his innocence and make the so-called law enforcement officials of the great state of Texas look like the racists fools they are for keeping an innocent man in prison for 18 years, and on death row for 12 of those 18. He should have just kept […]

Reaching the Tipping Point

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase before. Gladwell wrote a book about his perspective on tipping points. It’s referred to in several ways: crossing the line, the last straw, triggers, the point of no return, the magic moment — you know the drill.  Tipping points are change catalysts. Why are they most notably associated with pain […]

“Test The Ink On It And See How Old It Is”

President Obama has released his birth certificate.  The President was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Above—Honolulu from space. Many on the right persist in the far out view that President Obama was born outside the U.S.)  I’m not sure why the birth certificate was released. Why not take the political gain offered by folks who never […]

It’s All About Jobs (Or Should Be)

What Eugene Robinson said: “What is it about the word “jobs” that our nation’s leaders fail to understand? How has the most painful economic crisis in decades somehow escaped their notice? Why do they ignore the issues that Americans care most desperately about? Listening to the debate in Washington, you’d think the nation was absorbed […]

Where’s Waldo?

My regular readers will be barred from this particular game. At least they will be barred from the basic part of the test. As some of you may know, Where’s Waldo is a game where Waldo is hidden amongst a sea of chaos. In this case, we are putting Waldo in a place of business. […]

Governor Perry Calls For Prayer To End Texas Drought

Texas Governor Rick Perry has declared three days of prayer in response to the drought that is impacting Texas and helping to cause severe wildfires. ( Above–It is hot and dry in Texas)  These three days run from April 22 to April 24. Here is the link to the official proclamation. From the proclamation— WHEREAS, […]