Obama Administration Pot Calls Out Pakistani Kettle

From the Department of Blatant Hypocrisy, Do As I Say, Not As I Do Division: “The Obama administration is expressing alarm over reports that thousands of political separatists and captured Taliban insurgents have disappeared into the hands of Pakistan’s police and security forces, and that some may have been tortured or killed. The concern is […]

Texas Marks Another Year As Part Of Our Federal Union

Today is the 165th anniversary of Texas Statehood.  Texas became a state on December 29, 1845. (Above–Texas State Capitol. As you see, the U.S. Flag flies above the Texas State Flag. Photo by Daniel Mayer.) Here are some basic facts about Texas from the excellent Texas Almanac. While our Governor, Rick Perry, has engaged in seditious talk […]

Banksters Get Their Feelings Hurt

Awww, poor wittle banksters. They got their fee-fees hurt by the mean, old pwesident who didn’t invite them to the recent oligarchy roundtable in Washington: “On the mental list of slights and outrages that just about every major figure on Wall Street is believed to keep on President Barack Obama, add this one: When he […]

AP Reporter Disputes NYT’s BP Blowout Story

Harry Weber, a reporter for the AP, disputed the New York Times’ BP well blowout story the we posted on Sunday.  Calling some of their claims “patently false”, Weber asserted that many facts that the Times reported as new had actually been reported by the AP as early as May.   While I thought the Times […]

Raisins and Watermelons: An Analogy

I’ve never been a fan of raisins. There’s just something about a so-called fruit that is all shriveled up and looks like dead bugs that has never appealed to me.   Over the years, raisins have become analogous with things that I have found annoying. I find it particularly annoying when a situation calls for […]

No Lumps of Coal for the Pentagon

I hope everyone got everything they wanted for Christmas. The Pentagon certainly did. “On December 22 both houses of the U.S. Congress unanimously passed a bill authorizing $725 billion for next year’s Defense Department budget. The bill, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011, was approved by all 100 senators as required and […]