Which Of These Is Less Like The Others?–Harris County Judge Edition

Here is a “which of these is less like the other” game.

Today’s game focuses on the race for Harris County Judge Executive.

We’ll warm up for the main act with a test question featuring the train cars you see above.  I took this picture yesterday in the area of Navigation Blvd. in Houston.

Which of these three train cars is less like the other two?

We can see that the one in the middle is the only one of the three train cars that is not cylindrical in shape. It is also the only one that is blue.

The one in the middle is also the only one covered in graffiti.

Okay. I think we get the idea. Let’s try another picture connected to the race for Harris County Judge Executive. This picture is also one that I took yesterday.

Above we see three campaign signs on prominent display at the building of International Longshoreman‘s Association Local No. 24.

Which of these three signs is less like the other two?

Well…All three of the signs are for candidates on the ballot in 2010. And I’ll bet that all three have been endorsed by International Longshoreman’s Association Local No.24.

So I would say that the big difference here is that County Judge Ed Emmett is a Republican while U.S. Rep. Gene Green and Texas gubernatorial candidate Bill White are Democrats.

It seems that the Longshoreman don’t think much of Democrat Gordon Quan’s chances of beating Mr. Emmett.

Mr. Emmett has the support of unions and of the so-called Tea Party. That is very skillful of him.

It is rough out there. Where is the love for Mr. Quan?

I’m voting for Mr. Quan in this race. Harris County would be better served with Democratic control of our Commissioner’s Court.

Don’t give up before the votes are counted!


  1. carguy says

    I’ve met and talked with both Ed Emmett and Gordon Quan. Seen them on the Houston political scene for a while.
    I generally don’t like republicans. I don’t trust them. As a rule. But I kinda like Emmet. He impressed me during the hurricanes. I know, I know, he was just getting his face on TV like Sheila Jackson Lee does. B ut I appreciated the fact that he was there and didn’t “flee the scene” so to speak. Lots of local politicians were long gone when the crisis hit.
    JUst my 2 cents.

  2. Deward Bowles says

    I have to agree with Carguy
    I kind of like Emmett as well.
    I think everyone should get out and vote. If you do not we may find ourselves swamped in Tea Party candidates who actually get elected!

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