Conservative PAC Attempts to Encourage NV Hispanics NOT to Vote

Continuing a long tradition of trying to suppress minority voters, a conservative PAC, Latinos for Reform, has attempted to purchase ad time on Univision running a spot that encourages Hispanics NOT to vote in November.  Univison has refused to run the ad.

See the ad here (this is an English version, the original was Spanish):



Lets hope this has the opposite effect and fires up the Hispanic vote.  I can not believe that any group would stoop so low as to attempt to suppress the most important right we have as Americans. This is dispicable.  I guess I shouldn’t be surpised.  This is the GOP of Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, where it’s commonplace to accuse liberals of all kinds of shady tricks while turning a blind eye to the very antics you condemn when performed by your own party.

Remember:  They may have a louder voice on the airwaves – but in the voting booth – we’re all equals.  Vote.  Encourage your friends and family to vote, even if not in your district or state.  Do not let these types of antics succeed.


  1. alienHunter says

    The Last Word put the smackdown on that sociopath. I looked for a bio on Posada and couldn’t find anything substantial so the only conclusion I could draw is that he must be a Repubtilian operative.

  2. alienHunter says

    While that might be the ideal solution the good guys might have to bend a few rules to execute that plan. Many of the 57 species of Aliens currently interacting with Earthlings follow the same kind of moral imperatives that we do. (Even the Vatican says the ‘others’ got God)

  3. lomamonster says

    I suppose if the message is coming in from the Heinz galaxy we can consider that the implications are benevolent for the most part, eh?

  4. carguy says

    I saw this story yesterday. I think it will likely have the EXACT OPPOSITE effect for which it was designed. The Hispanics are pretty miffed, and the local TV stations have, apparently, yanked the ad.
    There is absolutely NO level these people will not stoop to. Every two years I lower the “ethics limbo bar” but the reprehensible GOP still gets under it with little effort.

  5. lomamonster says

    I heard on the news that aliens are down at the polls monitoring the vote. Be sure and take the appropriate stealth suit along…

  6. bubbabobcat says

    Cobbo, or it’s easy to limbo lower when they are nothing more than snakes in the grass. Who can beat a snake in a limbo match? What’s lower than a snake’s belly?

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