Sanity/Fear Rally In Washington Draws at Least 6 Million!

Jon Stewart’s and Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was held today in Washington, DC and estimates place the number of participants at as many as 6 million, more than double those who attended President Obama’s inauguration in January, 2009.  The two rallies drew the record crowds as inspired participants from all over […]

Memo to Spill Commission: Bad Cement Does Not Equal Blowout

Among much hoopla Thursday, the Presidential Oil Spill Commission released a letter from lawyer Fred Bartlit, Jr., saying that 3 of 4 tests that Halliburton conducted of the cement designed for BP’s Macondo well were unstable.  They also published a report of tests performed by Chevron that all nine of their tests using Halliburton ingredients […]

The Motivation Gap

Voice has a great piece up about getting support for the School of Visual and Performing Arts. In the comments for that post, one of our regular readers asked why a particular student was not being praised for brilliant work while other students were being praised for mediocre work. I tried to respond in the […]

My Endorsements For The 2010 Election

Here are my endorsements for the 2010 general election. (Above–The red is the City of Houston within Harris County, Texas.  In the upper right is Harris County in Texas.) Where possible, I am voting the straight Democratic ticket. In the case of the office of the State Comptroller, I am voting for Green candidate Edward Lindsay. […]

Rules of Engagement

I’ve said many of these it seems like a million times, but it seems we always need to be reminded. Some of these are going to hit rather close to home and some will even punch me in the gut. We are all guilty of at least one or two of these general rules. I […]

This is What Hate Speech Gets You

Last night, a group of Rand Paul goons assaulted a Move-On supporter protesting Paul’s support of the corporatization of the Republican party.  Paul was arriving at his debate with oppponent Jack Conway in Lexington, Kentucky when Lauren Valle approached his with a sign that said “RepubliCorp Employee of the Month”.  She was either tripped or […]

All Have The Right To Vote In Harris County

Above you see Andy Wilson of Public Citizen here in Texas speaking in Houston today about reports of intimidation of voters at polling paces in Harris County. With Mr. Wilson to the left is Anita Privett of the League of Women Voters of Texas. Here are details of this press conference from the Public Citizen blog Texas Vox. […]