Ronald Reagan Was a Muslim?

This is past the point of ridiculous. President Obama needs to go to church more often to prove he’s not a Muslim:

Jimmy Carter went to church more than any other modern president, Ronald Reagan rarely attended. Yet the right hates Carter and loves Reagan. President Obama could live in church and it wouldn’t make any difference because it’s not about church attendance. It’s about a black man in the (up until now all) White House. Case closed.

I remember reading this somewhere, where was it?

…no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States.


  1. cobbo says

    I guess I need to buy a prayer rug, blow the dust off my Quran and learn which way is east. The man goes to church a helluva lot more than I do.

  2. lomamonster says

    Yeah, and social security numbers were never supposed to be used for id. Now you can’t get a phone without one!

  3. doug says

    But if President Obama started going to church regularly the same percentage of Americans would say his pastor in there was Reverend Wright.

  4. Bill W says

    Glenn Beck is a LDS convert. In many circles of fundamentalist “Christianity” Mormonism is considered blasphemy. Yet we see Beck giving the commencement address at Liberty University and hobnobbing with people like David Barton and John Hagee.
    The Religious Right has taken on the motto, “The end justifies the means.” Church attendance and living a good life are not nearly as important as adhering to the conservative code of misconduct.

  5. Shortstuff says

    They are such hypocritical asses.
    I would be willing to bet very few of them are in church every Sunday. I’d be willing to be even fewer have a freakin’ CLUE what “love thy neighbor” means.
    So damned disgusted with the rightwing whacktards.

  6. alienHunter says

    Obama’s dilemma is that he really isn’t a religious person. He stepped on his peepee when for political appearances he claimed he was a God-fearing PRACTICING Christian…he isn’t.
    The LDS is an arm of the illuminati and Alpha Draconians. And that’s why they have such an impressive database of genealogical information. The reptilians need to track the genetic strain that they created in prehistory and that erupted fully blossomed in Sumeria.

  7. Scott Barzilla says

    Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush are the only two habitually practicing Christians we have had in the White House since well, er, um, yeah. One is a deeply caring man that gives himself to causes great and small. The other, well, you know. At their core I think they are both good people. The less participating Christians are also well meaning people for the most part. We judge based not on belief or lack of belief or church attendance or not church attendance, but action.

  8. Desperado says

    Well, actually President Obama IS a practicing Christian, but that doesn’t make one damn bit of difference. I don’t care if he worships God, Allah, Buddha, or the mile markers on Interstate 10. That has no bearing on his qualification to be president, or on carrying out his duties as president, and he shouldn’t have to go to church just to prove something. No religious test means no religious test, before the election or after. I don’t know how much clearer than can be said.

  9. Shortstuff says

    Amen, Des.
    I got so angry at the whacktards demanding to see his “baptismal certificate” in addition to the birth certificate nonsense these last two years.
    There is no religious requirement. This country’s government is SECULAR. Those asses want to turn it into a theocracy. Of their own choosing, mind you.

  10. carguy says

    Boy, you got THAT right. After a while, A driving trip to Arizona makes you pray the world IS flat and that eventually you will drive off the edge just to end your misery. We did it, as a family, in the summer of 1963 with no air conditioning.

  11. carguy says

    We need to admit that for 23-32% of the population, there is absolutely NOTHING Obama can do, say or think that isn’t WRONG in their eyes.
    If he cured cancer, look at all the doctors and nurses he’d put out of work.
    If he found a cheap, renewal energy source, BAD for the oil companies, their stockholders and employees.
    If he built a “bridge over partisanship” any republicans on the otherside would be called traitors to the GOP and the conservaive movement.
    I still bet Michelle wakes up every morning and says to her husband, “I told you running for president in 2008 was a bad idea.” I think what he undertook was akin to taking the helm of the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

  12. lomamonster says

    We will soon be performing “The Philadelphia Experiment” on the aircraft carrier out in the front field, so you are all invited to disappear with me to better times, eh?

  13. Joyce says

    The test of a man’s or woman’s character lies not in how often he/she sits in church, but in the way in which he/she conducts him/herself outside after the sermon and singing are over! President Obama demonstrates his Christian faith every single day by his words and actions.

  14. alienHunter says

    yeah, it will be fun! All we have to do is wrap ourselves up into a 5-10 dimensional shape. I know this will be disappointing but because time is already wrapped up, into, and out of the other ten dimensions we won’t be able to make the 11th this trip.

  15. lomamonster says

    You may navigate if you wish, and I have a uniform picked out with lots of salad dressing on it for you command post!

  16. carguy says

    I don’t know about that. I “heard” that some of the sailors on the ship “re-materialized” with parts of their bodies embedded in ship bulkheads and other infrastructure. It’s on the internet if you want to check it out. So it MUST be true.

  17. alienHunter says

    that was then, this is now. That experimental effect was an unhappy surprise…They perfected the technology in the 70′s.

  18. carguy says

    To quote the great Johnny Carson, “I did not know that.”
    Boy, I’d like to be invisible so I could walk into a Hooters dressing room.
    On that note, the Hooters restaurant and T/A bar on S. Gessner at Westheimer has been demolished.
    A moment of silence, please.

  19. Shortstuff says

    Demolished? No kidding? My building engineers used to like to go there for lunch….they SAID it was for the chicken wings.
    I always asked them to bring me the gumbo from Ragin’ Cajun, myself…… ;-)

  20. Desperado says

    Demolishing a Hooters? That’s un-American. I bet Obama had something to do with it. He probably has plans to build a mosque there.

  21. Desperado says

    For some reason when I read the line “f*wit nutjob nightmare of a human being” I thought, that sounds like something Shortstuff would say.

  22. carguy says

    It’s true, nothing left but a pile of dirt. Oh the humanity………think of all those bimbos out of work, and, in the midst of a recession. I may have to double my Paxil tonight.

  23. Bill W says

    Now Franklin Graham has weighed in saying Obama was born a Muslim and casting douobt that he is a Christian.
    I had high hopes when America rejected Bush and his cronies; now I’m wondering if we on oour way down. If these nut jobs get back in power they will do little more than grease the skids.
    Can you imagine Senator Angle (R-NV) or President Gingrich? How about 4 more years of Rick Perry along with all the other statewide idiots like Greg Abbott?
    Gives me the chills.

  24. lomamonster says

    With a few cement trucks, some graders, and some hot asphalt parking lots, we could trap those idiots in their offices with a massive pile of scrambled eggs!!!

  25. Shortstuff says

    Oh come on, didn’t you see the article in HuffPo where Sharron Obtuse Angle was against a high school football team wearing black jerseys because the color black is evil?
    Franklin Graham is a true doofus. Pres. Obama was NOT born a Muslim….
    but come on, even if he were….so effin what?!
    American is a free country. Doesn’t the fucking term “freedom of religion” mean just that?
    (Yeah, yeah, I dropped an f-bomb. Sometimes you just have to or the Blood Pressure goes too high!)

  26. FantasyLand says

    You all know I have to point out the obvious. Isn’t it also 18% of the country that likes Palin. You know… that 18% of what she calls “real” America.
    This is what we are dealing with. It is the crazy 18% of the country that keeps sending us into a tailspin.

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