Florida Republican “Absolutely Incensed” by ‘Coexist’ Bumper Sticker

From Think Progress:

“Republican Allen West is the Tea Party candidate for House in Florida’s 22nd district…and has become a favorite among conservatives, earning the endorsement of Sarah Palin.”

The reason West is welcome in the Tea Party and why he’s been endorsed by Sarah the Quitter will become clear. First, a little of Mr. West’s history:

“West began his political career after resigning from the military following an investigation into his interrogation tactics. In 2003, West was interrogating an Iraqi policeman who was not being cooperative. According to his own testimony during a military hearing, West watched four of his men beat the suspect, and West said he personally threatened to kill the man. According to military prosecutors, West followed up on his threat by taking the man outside and firing a 9mm pistol near his head, in order to make the man believe he would be shot.”

Mr. West has apparently carried that tolerant attitude with him into his political career. In a March 8 speech, he spoke of seeing a bumper sticker that “absolutely incenses” him. And it’s not the Obama sticker so you have to know this one REALLY pisses him off.


coexist2.jpgHere’s what he had to say about it:

“And the reason why I get upset, and every time I see one of those bumper stickers, I look at the person inside that is driving. Because that person represents something that would give away our country. Would give away who we are, our rights and freedoms and liberties because they are afraid to stand up and confront that which is the antithesis, anathema of who we are. The liberties that we want to enjoy.”

I have to assume that by “our” and “we” West means his fellow Tea Partiers and Palin supporters. But he was just getting wound up:

“We already have a 5th column that is already infiltrating into our colleges, into our universities, into our high schools, into our religious aspect, our cultural aspect, our financial, our political systems in this country. And that enemy represents something called Islam and Islam is a totalitarian theocratic political ideology, it is not a religion. It has not been a religion since 622 AD, and we need to have individuals that stand up and say that.”




 I shudder at the thought that nuts like this might be in the majority in the House of Representatives.



  1. AstrosGirlKel says

    That bumper sticker is the opposite of what he’s presenting. The founding fathers wanted a place anyone of any religion could practice in peace and free of government interference.

  2. lomamonster says

    Take heart! Florida may be the first state to disappear from the flooding expected from global warming. (just kidding)

  3. Bob Cavnar says

    Oh, yeah. This guy, hero to types like Sparkle, threatened to kill an innocent Iraqi policeman and actually fired his service pistol next to his ear, then lied that the information he got from him thwarted an assassination attempt. His behavior was so egregious that he was fined $5,000 and drummed out of the Army.
    He fits perfectly into the Repub nut wing mold.

  4. offshore778 says

    My brain hurts after trying to comprehend this. Let me see if I get it.
    If we want our liberties, we must reject peaceful coexistence with those who are exercising liberty. I guess it makes sense. We are all free to feel exactly like Allen West feels, aren’t we? If we don’t want to “give away our country”, we must sacrifice e everything for which it stands.
    Does that about sum it up?
    In case anyone else wants one of these stickers, Amazon has them for $1.25.

  5. Jane Sampson says

    USA is the greatest freak show on earth.
    Its culture is no culture. It’s the sickest country on the planet.

  6. carguy says

    “Totalitarian theocratic political ideology”……thems pretty big words coming from somebody like Mr.West.
    622 AD…..did anybody get the actual “day” on that??? I’ll check the meeting minutes.

  7. june says

    Oh, this is just wuckingfonderful! Now the terrorist have a new posterboy to use to prove that the U.S. hates Muslims and wants to destroy all of them. Probably some will be led to believe that Allen is President Obama.
    We share this country and earth with a number of religions, and with many people who practice no religion. It would be wonderful if we could do so in peace and harmony, as suggested by the bumper sticker, but with Regressives like Allen, Palin and the Tea Party activists preaching such vile lies and hate, I fear more each day that it will not happen in my lifetime.

  8. Shortstuff says

    Well, I am absolutely incensed by dumbasses such as Mr. West.
    He can use his personal freedom to go live in a theocracy of his choice any day he likes. As for myself, I prefer to live in a country where ALL – ALL!!! – religions can COEXIST.
    No wonder Stupid Sarah endorses him. He’s as damned stupid as she is.

  9. arthou says

    Iraq interrogation controversy and retirement
    While serving in Taji, Iraq, on August 20, 2003, as commander of the 2d Battalion 20th Field Artillery, Lieutenant Colonel West was in charge of an interrogation of a civilian Iraqi police officer who was suspected of having pertinent information regarding attacks on American soldiers. West was asked to come down and try to obtain information from the detainee after interrogators were unsuccessful in their attempt to extract the crucial information. After continuing to try to extract information, West fired his pistol over the head of the detainee and was able to obtain the necessary information to thwart the planned attacks on his soldiers.
    West, who at the time was just short of having 20 years of service, was charged with violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. West was processed through an Article 32 hearing in November 2003, where he admitted wrongdoing, was fined $5,000 over two months for misconduct and assault. He then submitted his resignation, and was allowed to retire with full benefits in the summer of 2004.[3]
    At a hearing, West was asked by his defense attorney if he would do it again. “If it’s about the lives of my men and their safety, I’d go through hell with a gasoline can,” he said.[3] Apparently not knowing West’s gun was aimed into a barrel, “Hamoodi cracked and gave information about the planned ambush on West’s convoy, thwarting the attack.” West said there were no further ambushes on U.S. forces in Taji until he was relieved of his leadership post on October 4.” [4] “After West’s resignation was brought to public attention the next fall, he received over two thousand letters and e-mails from the American public offering him moral support. In addition, a letter was drafted to the Secretary of the Army, its signatories being ninety-five members of Congress in West’s support.[5]

  10. carguy says

    I got the rest of the symbols, but what is the “S” supposed to be? Looks like a “69″ sex thing to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  11. FantasyLand says

    People like Mr. West are Christofascists.
    These warmongers have been terrorizing the Middle East for decades. Now that it is coming back to haunt us, they want to blame everyone but themselves.
    It is funny that these guys want to say that America brought 9/11 onto itself, yet it is their actions that brought on 9/11.
    Guys, about 20% of the country has lived in a dream world for about a hundred years. They are now rearing their ugly head. These guys are so far out to lunch that you can’t reason with them. Much less expose the truth to them. It sends them in a tailspin when confronted with the facts.
    Everyone needs to be sure and vote the next elections, or we will see them steal another election and start the fascism all over again.

  12. FantasyLand says

    They are in fact the 5th Column. These people are friggin wackos.
    The sane people in this country are next on their list. WAKE UP!

  13. kitty kitty kitty says

    WTF! I feel as if I am in an episode of the Twilight Zone-where up is down and right is wrong. I have believed in peaceful coexistence all of my life. This man is the total antithesis of everything that my parents taught me. I am incensed by him!

  14. says

    More BS from Ar Thou…Long time no endure.
    You do know that West admitted that he didn’t know whether his abuse of the Iraqi policemen yielded reliable info, correct?
    At least one man named by Mr. Hamoodi was taken into custody, according to testimony, and his home was searched. No plans for attacks on Americans or weapons were found. Colonel West testified that he did not know whether “any corroboration” of a plot was ever found, adding: “At the time I had to base my decision on the intelligence I received. It’s possible that I was wrong about Mr. Hamoodi.” New York Times, May 27,2004
    In his own words. The facts don’t fit the wingnut narrative, but makes for a great fake story for you to get mad about, correct?

  15. Sam says

    I cannot WAIT to get one of those bumper stickers on my car.
    Reminds me of another great sticker message I love- ‘Gods don’t kill people…people with Gods kill people!’

  16. alienHunter says

    I was about to comment that even if, with a very big if, if that was laudable action, that still doesn’t justify hating EVERYBODY! The right loves it though ’cause there is something very wrong with them peoples…

  17. WindorSolarPlease says

    Personally, I wouldn’t put any sticker on a car. That’s my own preference.
    What is wrong in Coexisting with others, in American we live in a melting pot of all religions/beliefs. I don’t believe in stoning people just because they don’t believe as I do.
    I do believe America is One Nation Under God and a Free Country, this is what America is about. This doesn’t mean everyone has to believe or worship as I do.
    Just imagine what this world would be like if everyone followed this idea: Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

  18. Shortstuff says

    Absolutlely. But the wingnuts don’t believe that. They *SAY* they do….but their actions prove otherwise.
    What? arthou is still around? After the smackdown he got from this group in the past?
    Apparently he didn’t learn anything from it….

  19. Justin Kugler says

    I don’t know how much, if any, good it will do, but I did write a note to his campaign illustrating that he offers a false dichotomy by saying those who promoting coexistence of the willing are unwilling to stand against terror.
    When I was an intelligence officer, I saw that bumper sticker almost every day at work. My colleagues in the intel community included Christians, Jews, Wiccans, Muslims, Unitarians (it was a colleague who introduced me to the Unitarians, as a matter of fact), atheists, agnostics, and everything in between.
    We all knew who the real enemy was and were committed to stopping them, while still respecting the Constitution we all live under and swore to uphold.

  20. msohio1 says

    Self-proclaimed pompous “judger”. He and his mama grizzly represent all that is wrong in this world. Intolerance in 2010 just highlights that MLKs March on Washington in 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964 are openly being tested in the 21st century. The coming of Rupert Murdoch to take over what we see and hear should be questioned more. He gives these haters a forum and encouragement. I was always taught by my elders that haters come in all persuasions and tongues.

  21. Jim young says

    Republicans and tea baggers only believe in freedom for those who think and act like they do. They do not believe in the same freedoms for those who have opinions that are not in the same lock step as the nut jobs like Sister Sara and this f u c k tard west. He is the problem that is destroying this county. The terrorists have manipulated these fools and they are destroying the freedoms they pretend to protect. They are ass holes and traitors to the nation and should be exposed for what they are.

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