Brother Beck’s Traveling Salvation Show

A few thoughts on yesterday’s “Restoring Honor” rally turned tent revival meeting in Washington, D.C. Estimates on the crowd size vary greatly, as you might expect. Free Republic said 2 million, Gateway Pundit reported 500,000, CBS News (that evil librul media) put the estimate at between 78,000 and 96,000 based on these aerial photos:

Beck Rally.jpg
Beck Rally 2.jpg
For comparison, My DD has a photo of the 1963 March on Washington where the estimated crowd size was 250,000:

March on Washington.jpg
I see a lot of green in the photos from yesterday, so it looks to me like the CBS estimate is closer to reality. The crowd was the usual Monochrome Coalition from the Tea Party rallies: 2010-8-29 9-19.png
I missed Palin’s speech, but here’s what I heard from Brother Beck. I heard about telling the truth from a man who spreads lies on a daily basis. I heard about love from a man whose road to fame and fortune has been paved with hate. I heard a lot of references to Dr. King from a man whose message is the antithesis of Dr. King’s. I heard the obligatory cracking voice and saw the phony tears. I heard a lot of scripture quoted by Rev. Beck which brought cheers from a crowd who will leave the site and return to the hypocrisy of claiming their belief in those scriptures while their attitudes, words, and actions show just the opposite.  

Here’s one for Beck and his flock to remember, from I John chapter 4:

“If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar. For anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot love God whom he has not seen.”


  1. alienHunter says

    I like that…as the saying goes, “That is the God’s Truth”.
    Mine is certainly not a new thought but it still boggles the mind how self-deluded those people are.

  2. doug says

    I remember seeing a scientific analysis of crowd sizes a year or so ago, and they do tend to get vastly overestimated…Given that right wing media seems to have an awkward relationship with truth, you can bet the lower estimates on the crowd size is more accurate.
    Having said that, I think these people that support this Teabag movement, are being confronted with forces that they do not understand in full, and it is given them a general sense of anxitey. I believe WE (the left) also are being hit by these same things, minus the racism, and acceptance of corporatism.
    I think that the reality of global warming and other environmental stresses are playing apart on all of our psyches whether we know it or not. What we also share with them, I think is a sense that the world is moving “too fast” with all of the “advancements” in technology. And I think we also share with the teabaggers stress about the state of the economy.
    There is a lot of anxiety and fear out there that people of all stripes are feeling.

  3. Voice says

    Doug, there is much truth in what you say, but until we begin to stand up and say “enough” we will continue to be bombarded with incendiary BS of the most divisive kind, and we will continue to turn away from the work we truly need to be doing as a nation.
    The fear-mongering must end now.

  4. Bill W says

    Remember the Klan had no problem turning out hundreds of thousands in the 1920s. Bigotry never dies; it just grows more ‘sophisticated’.

  5. offshore778 says

    With all due respect, I think you’re preaching to the choir. I can’t speak for everyone here, Voice, but I think most of the people who read TDH have said “enough”. Now what? I have known a lot of intolerant people and I have never been able to convince even one of them that such behavior is immoral. History has proven that fighting hate with hate doesn’t work. What’s the formula?

  6. Shortstuff says

    Those upraised arms are sure highly reminiscent of “Heil Hitler”, IMO.
    Of course, I see Hitler as Beck’s inspiration anyway.
    I have to admit one trivial thing (it really is trivial) that has really pissed me off about this teabagger nonsense is that they act like they have co-opted the right to wear red, white and blue and display the flag. I’m afraid if I wore anything like those flag shirts, someone would think I was a card carrying teabagger. God forbid.
    And I like red, white and blue. So disgusted…..

  7. carguy says

    Anther outstanding post. You are saying what I feel and think. But better and QUICKER that I can get it posted online.
    That’s OK. I’m comfortable being the funny one.

  8. carguy says

    Voice wrote: “…until we begin to stand up and say “enough” we will continue to be bombarded with incendiary BS of the most divisive kind, and we will continue to turn away from the work we truly need to be doing as a nation.”
    I gotta tell you, that’s a great quote. I mean, a quotable quote. The kind you find in that book of quotes. What is it, Barnaby Jones Famous Quotes????

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