BP: “Well is Static” US: “Oil is Gone” Nothing to See Here. Move Along.

At 1 am
today, we got the “everything is fine” press release from BP
proclaiming that the well, after the “textbook” static kill, is
static.  They studiously avoided the words “dead” or
“killed”.  Per usual, they also provided no further information.
 I was watching the feeds of the worsening leak coming from the lower flex joint flange at the moment I got the press release.  Odd.  If
the well is static, then why is the wellhead leaking?  Also, the leaking fluid is
rising, indicating hydrocarbons, and continues even at this moment.  This
whole operation has given me the willies.  Back a hundred years ago (well, at least the 70s), when I
was breaking out as an oil well cementer, the cementer I was shadowing always taught me
that if you have a leak, any leak, you stop and fix it before you start
a job.  In all my years in the oilfield, whether I was pumping cement
jobs, frac jobs, drilling, circulating, or killing a well, if I had a leak, I
.  Period.  The only time I would keep pumping with a leak
was only if more damage would be
caused by stopping.


BP has
violated this principle in spades by doing what they are doing.  Now that
they’ve proclaimed the well is “static”, they’ve also gone radio silent with no press
conferences or technical McBriefings scheduled for today. Admiral Allen is doing a victory lap at this moment during the White House briefing, also not giving any data, besides just saying that it’s static with seawater.  Again, if that was true, why is the wellhead leaking?   
To be clear, dead means dead.  If it’s leaking oil, that means it’s not dead.

The amazing thing is that not one reporter is informed enough to even ask what’s going on.  They’re more focused on the fantasy report issued this morning by NOAA & the USGS, that remarkably claims that, even though they collected only 25% of the produced oil, all but 26% is magically gone, and that all of the fish that were contaminated with oil will rapidly recover and be safe for human consumption very quickly.

I’m sitting here watching oil leaking from a well that is supposedly dead. I’m listening to Admiral Allen saying the well is dead and to Jane Lubchenco and Carol Browner seriously contending that almost 4 million barrels of oil have disappeared.  Is it just me, or are we watching the Matrix in real life?

Come on, relief well…



  1. Shortstuff says

    I am so glad we have you there watching and telling us what is really going on. God knows no one else is coming even close.
    Good job, Bob!

  2. says

    Obama’s Gulf War –
    “The Vineyard’s Jane Lubchenco”
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrator
    Why is Dr. Lubchenco once again weighing in?
    She was wrong when it started and looks to be now.
    Is Obama that anxious to soft-soap Martha’s Vineyard
    That the Gulf must look good? Irregardless? Somehow?
    We’d love to believe that she’s getting it right,
    But think of the bind in which poor Jane is caught –
    First lowball the flow rate to inconsequential,
    Then deny that the spill’s been as bad as we thought.
    Let her tell the Brown Pelicans whose side she’s on,
    BP’s Lisa Jackson’s or hopefully ours.
    But don’t count your turtles before their eggs hatch –
    Corexit and Jane might have hidden powers.
    Jane may have snookered Obama’s advisors
    Into believing the Gulf’s just as cold
    As Buzzard’s Bay and the Atlantic Ocean
    Where tar balls can linger if the truth be told.
    So if you are boating somewhere near Martha’s Vineyard
    And you spot BP’s logo out on the horizon,
    Prepare your torpedoes and hope they’ve not started
    Dispersing where some fool advisor’s advisin’.
    Bob Carlson
    To ‘The well is still leaking’
    To ‘”U.S.” Finds Most Oil From Spill Poses Little Additional Risk’
    To ‘EPA’s Lax Lisa’
    To ‘Documents indicate heavy use of dispersants in Gulf oil spill’
    To ‘Obama’s Milquetoast Advisors’
    To ‘BP Oil Spill Settlements Offered
    To Avoid Lawsuite For More Compensation’
    To ‘British Petroleum Incompetence’

  3. fredw says

    So , when does BP announce they’re going to cemnet the well from the top ? clearly this is the next step and BP will say the relief wells aren’t needed……

  4. alan says

    Even on my holiday I’m following your posts Bob, thanks for everything so far… I’m clearing a bookshelf in readiness when I get home…

  5. ioinkthere4iham says

    Lubchenco stated 75% of the oil is no longer in the water column. The conservation of mass still applies, so how much is now in the atmosphere, biosphere, ocean sediments & shoreline? For starters, we need to see numbers and citations.
    Lubchenco also dropped another shoe: the impact of the oil will last for “years &decades.”

  6. SkepticRising says

    I keep wondering if BP is avoiding the relief well kill, or anything that would actually kill this well because they have fantasies of being able to still produce the well, even with the damage. They don’t seem to want to do anything permanent.

  7. FantasyLand says

    Big business lies. Big government lies.
    They are all liars. Even if you knew exactly what was going on, even if everyone knew exactly what was going on… they would still lie.
    These are the day is night, and night is day people. They can look you straight in the eye and completely lie to you with out batting an eyelash. Walk away thinking what a fool, and sleep like a baby later that night.
    Who here honestly believes what these “people” say? These are the jerk offs who buy out entire progressive industries to keep their antiquated product in the loop. They have and will sell out humanity to make themselves a dollar.
    This is a company who coerced a foreign nation’s intelligence apparatus to overthrow another sovereign nation’s government, just to get at THEIR oil. Are you going to believe anything they say?? Really?
    You know what would be ground breaking? If they actually told the truth. THAT would be something to write home about.
    Are we down the rabbit hole yet? I contend we have been there all along. I wish this was the matrix, then I could just unplug when these morons pile on the bullshit. At least in a simulated world I could turn the damn thing off when it got to be too much. But we can’t… day in and day out we have to listen to the so-called “pillars of the community” lie through their teeth every chance they get.

  8. jojo says

    Is this all kabuki in order to prevent us from knowing that the “relief wells” can’t stop the leak and they know it?

  9. Keith says

    Biodegradation of oil results in the same products as combustion, CO2, water and energy. This process only requires bacteria/fungi, oil, oxygen and warm water.
    Photodegradation of evaporated components is similar, UV provides the activation energy (spark, ignition) and oxygen combines to produce CO2 and water.
    These processes are invisible. But they are the greatest in effect on remediation of the spill.

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