BP to “Test” BOP and Capping Stack for Pressure

Adm Allen just finished his morning presser where he just casually mentioned that they are going to “test” the old BOP and capping stack and take pressure readings to determine if the  hydrocarbons in the annulus are “dormant” or if they’re connected to the reservoir.  Translation:  ”BP continues to have pressure on the wellhead from down below and have been letting me believe for a week that the well is static.”  Of course, they’ve never disclosed not one bit of pressure data after the “well integrity test”, and even that “data” was sparse.

Yesterday, during his presser, the Admiral was asked about releasing the pressure readings and un-blurring the ROV feeds.  The Admiral said he would check into the feeds and get BP to disclose the pressures.  Of course, neither happened, and now he drops the bomb that they’re back to the ol’ BOP test again.  That means they have no idea where the static kill and cement went.
The Admiral tried explaining something that he doesn’t understand, and once again said they KNOW that the static kill went down the casing.  They actually don’t know that.  Since this was very likely a backside blowout in the first place, it’s conceivable that just the backside of the production casing is communicated to the reservoir; it could be both inside and outside.  When you pump a top kill, you can’t control where the mud goes; it just goes the path of least resistance.  If both the backside and casing are communicated, it will go down both, depending on pressures.  When you test a kill, you run in with tubing to tag the cement.  Here, of course, they can’t do that because they can’t get into the well.
He said they were shutting down for a currrent tropical system to pass over, have run in a storm packer, but plan on staying on location and ride it out.  He said this storm shut down is going to give them a few days to “take some pressure readings” on the BOP.  None of this makes the slightest bit of sense.  You can bet that they alreay have a continuous data feed of pressure readings from multiple places in the capping stack from the moment they landed it, and have been getting pressure from the old BOP for months.  They’re probably also taking readings from the casing head below the stack.
What is all this about?  It’s pretty clear they have pressure on the wellhead when they shouldn’t.  I’ll update after Kent Wells McBriefing at 3 pm cdt.


  1. Morbid says

    How many “kill” attempts have now been undertaken?
    Would not the first attempt have been “the most likely to succeed”?
    If the well is “blowing out” can the relief well bottom kill work?

  2. says

    Obama’s Gulf War –
    “Censored By The Pirates”
    Aided and abetted by Obama’s patsies
    What don’t we know and when should we have known it?
    Who blurred the videos or shut them off?
    Who claims the oil and dispersants have vanished?
    Who said the well’s “static”? Some official dummkopf?
    BP’s testing pressure where there shouldn’t be pressure.
    The well that was “static” apparently’s not.
    They warned us their “static kill” could be a failure,
    Then professed to be happy with results that they got.
    So happy they went and cemented their wellhead.
    They’ve preserved for posterity their latest goof.
    Will gravity prove to be BP’s undoing?
    Till that wellhead tips over, have they censored the proof?
    Maybe they haven’t. If they’re still finding pressure,
    And again lose control of that son of a bitch,
    What will his patsies report to Obama?
    How’ll he win over Haley, Bobby and Mitch?
    Who’ll walk the plank after Obama’s debacle?
    Salazar’s still running what was MMS.
    Jackson’s belatedly testing dispersants
    While Browner makes light of the god awful mess.
    Bob Carlson
    To ‘The BP Cover-Up’
    To ‘Happy Talk That Oil is “Evaporating Rapidly”
    So, What the Hell is This?’
    To ‘Questions BP Needs to Answer’
    To ‘BP to “Test” BOP and Capping Stack for Pressure’
    To ‘After one-on-one with Obama,
    McConnell vows to slow White House agenda’
    To ‘Bobby’s Beach Berm Boondoggle’ verse
    To ‘Mitch ‘Just Say No’ McConnell’
    To ‘British Petroleum Incompetence’

  3. says

    I have a question. Does the wing-nut Static Kill mean that the Macondo Blow-Out Preventer is permanently obliterated and nailed to the ocean floor, much like the Chernobyl “sarcophagus”, so there can never be an investigation – post-mortem – of what went wrong? In other words, is the “static kill” a destruction of evidence?

  4. Dick - not Cheney says

    The White House “spinners” will do whatever it takes to get a clean slate for the election season. Truth is something the majority in D.C. laugh at. This is what happens when a virgin is made President. Sounds good, but if that person is a weak manager we get the bottom of the moral barrel when the staff is appointed. Few would disagree it is time to clean house but our Dear President is wed to them and would flounder if they went away. I voted for him but that was a mistake and the Gulf Oil Crises is ample evidence.

  5. SolarorWindPlease says

    It would not surprise me that they would put an Admiral in charge of this terrible situation, who does not know about oil and reads off of cards from BP.
    Wonder if he knows that if this goes the way the professionals are saying, he will probably be blamed for going along with BP orders. This probably would be no problem for him, he might be tucked away safe and rich with the rest of them.
    It did shock me that the officials are listening and doing what BP says, instead of what the nonprofit professionals and the public is saying. You cannot tell me our Government Officials did not know about chemicals being used or about the pressure, when just an ordinary citizens knew.
    Our Government Officials allowed all what BP has done. They did not listen to the people, and they did not do this For the People.
    I really pray their eyes open and that they will be good stewards taking care of this place, a world that we are all living in. We put people in office, so that they will do this.
    I would love to do away with oil drilling, I don’t think that is possible in our life time. I do think it can be done safer with higher restrictions, and it would help if the officials didn’t get paid off to look the other way. I do think we could use less of it and start building things that are safe for the environment, affordable, and free to those who can’t afford it. This should be done to help the environment that we all live in. Hopefully this will be a lesson and that the people in charge will learn, that we cannot abuse this world, it will spit back at us in some way.

  6. DD_Shofner_Goes_North says

    Now I’m confused, probably more so than the Adm. Up here in the north woods, I was under the impression the top kill was done to get the well under control enough to install and implement a new BOP to keep the thing under control, until the relief well is completed. Then, the relief well would pump the kill mud, cement, what ever it would take to seal this bad boy up. No?
    The fact that they might have pressure at the back side doesn’t seem like something unexpected at this point. Does it?


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