About Those ROV Feeds…

As the press has lost interest in this story, even though the blowout well is far from dead, the information coming from BP and the Unified Command has also begun to trail off.  In his presser yesterday, Adm Allen sounded downright bored and so ready to put this behind him.  The press, having grown to a very small group compared to two weeks ago, continue to ask the same questions over and over, and now that the Admiral has walked back his “I am the national incident commander, and I say this relief well will be completed,” to “we’re doing pressure testing and we don’t know….” the press (what’s left of it) has been doing their job of asking about what they’re really going to do.  It’s just that very few of the public actually care.  In the meantime the ROV feeds that are supposed to be showing the well and operations around the well now look mostly like this:

ROV 2010-08-13 08-33-44.jpg

Currently, wellhead monitoring is being done during the announced “pressure test” for last night.  The Gulf Watchers tell me that the Boa Deep Sub C ROVs are indeed monitoring the wellhead, but those feeds have now been hidden from view for days.  When asked for a third time in this presser yesterday, Adm Allen was dismissive, saying that “occassionally, these ROVs are down for maintenance”.  They’re not down for maintenance when you can see them off in the distance on other ROV feeds staring intently at something that looks strangely like the wellhead.  The Admiral also said that the static kill pressure readings were disclosed on the Unified Command site several days ago.  Several people I know have searched both the new site and the old, and no pressure data disclosure exists anywhere we can find.

Clearly there are things going on behind the scenes that BP and the government doesn’t want us to see.  They have successfully gotten the well off of the front page and television, just as they intended.  We’ll continue to watch for any real information.  Now it’s the “pressure test” that was supposedly carried out last night that we haven’t yet heard about.

In the meantime, we’re as much in the dark as those ROV feeds were not getting.


  1. ioinkthere4iham says

    Funny, but the only video feed link I can find that doesn’t crash or freeze my system is the one at:
    It’s been this way ever since BP adopted the fancier format (multiple video thumbnails) right about the time the cap was fitted and pressure tested.
    Just another bit of evidence that the fix is in. Not that this was ever in much doubt. BP has hidden facts, destroyed information and intimidated independent fact finders since the beginning. Admiral Allen is little more than their corporate spokesperson. BP is fully committed to making things right, which to them means paying claims and fines as slowly and cheaply as possible. It’s the Exxon Valdez Model updated to the 21st century.
    The White House seems willing to give them a pass on this. Beyond the normal role of money in modern politics, I can only conclude that Obama and his political strategists have concluded the Gulf Disaster distracts from their preferred narrative (a work in progress) for the upcoming midterm elections. Perhaps their decision to go soft on BP simply acknowledges the seriously impacted states are all Red political bastions, so put the political capital someplace where it may pay off.

  2. Meercat19 says

    And here I was thinking I was getting paranoid. Glad to see an expert is seeing (or in this case not seeing) the same thing I am.
    This smells of BP spin.

  3. WindorSolarPlease says

    The media, is not like it used to be. It has always been were the bosses tell them what to report about and what not to report. However, not sure why the bosses are not hammering their investigation reporters for more information about this crisis.
    They have been blocked from reporting what is happening. Which that alone is a big warning sign. There are a few, that tries to get information. Most don’t know about oil and how drilling works. This is new territory for most people. This situation that BP has created is complex and I believe to be dangerous in so many ways.
    If it wasn’t for ordinary people like Gregg Hall, Kindra Arnesen, and others out there with their camera’s, people away from the Gulf would not see this.
    We are lucky to have professionals who have heart to tell the truth, that do speak out like Dr. Ricki Ott, and of coarse Bob Cavnar and others. I am also thankful to still have Youtube working. People who don’t go on line searching honestly believe this is over with and that the well is killed. I don’t believe this well is killed at all. I believe they are trying to save it , to tap in it again. Trying to save it might cause more problems, I don’t believe they care. Think about it, if you had a gold mine would you want to close it down? There is lots of oil there. Greed is what has caused trouble.
    The Pressure has to be high, just watching that sea floor shows that. Not sure anymore even if the live feed is what we should be seeing. There are camera’s that are shut off. It is getting harder for even the Professionals to figure out what is going on.
    I think they want to end this by saying the well is killed so they can turn off the camera’s to the public and so they can drill again. Not sure they can do this with so many watching.
    I don’t believe this is over.
    All I can say is thank you to those who alert people letting them make their own decisions. If I only depended on watching the media I would vacation on the gulf breathing the air, eat fish, dig in the sand, and swim in the gulf.
    Maybe we all should head to Spain.

  4. says

    “Dealing With Foot Draggers”
    BP’s and ours
    Where’s BP hiding it’s A-team of drillers?
    That’s assuming the company thinks it has one.
    If they do, it is one of the world’s best kept secrets.
    Their guys in the Gulf are a cost overrun.
    Don’t know what they’re doing, but they love to read gauges,
    Though they haven’t a clue as to what pressures mean.
    Nor are they that willing to share any readings.
    But what if what they read said they’d found kerosene?
    So instead of light crude they hit pools of Corexit
    Mixed with drill mud from some of their prior “top kills”?
    How will they spin that to Allen and Chu?
    Thank God Tony issued those cyanide pills.
    Could a pressure increae warn of a big blowout
    When attempted relief wells can’t be made to work?
    If only they’d used their new cap for procuction,
    The rebel who did might feel less like a jerk.
    By defying his ambulance chasing attorneys
    That BP exec might find his life being spared,
    And not in those infamous privatized prisons –
    Arizona’s where ex-politicians are paired.
    Will Obama show mercy? He’s that kind of patsy.
    Look what he’s secretly promised to Mitch.
    Until his ‘progressive’ agenda’s completed,
    He’ll treat Mitch just like a mild case of jock itch –
    A minor annoyance on which he won’t bother
    Spending a significant amount of time.
    Then all ‘hell’ will break loose and Mitch can look forward
    To not hurting a soul with his grim pantomime.
    Bob Carlson
    To ‘Adm. Allen Confused – So, Now, Everybody Else is, Too’
    To ‘About Those ROV Feeds…’
    To ‘After one-on-one with Obama,
    McConnell vows to slow White House agenda’
    To ‘Orchestrated Escape Raises Concerns about Private Prisons’
    To ‘Mitch ‘Just Say No’ McConnell’
    To ‘British Petroleum Incompetence’

  5. jec says

    Really really sad for the people and the environment. Continued ROV video has special features. With “special angles”, lack of detail/poor quality until ROV operator has to quickly check out a crab or eel, filters –and what I call the ROV squat–ROV sees problems/ROV quickly uses thrusters to blow slit around/ROV turns camera 180 or so/ROV squats on the seafloor with camera pointed at ROV toes.
    However, to determined “watchers”– some info is being shown. The “gage” ROV video came up again yesterday..and pressure shows 1000 up 3 ticks..as it has for at least a month shown 690 (about). Gage SAYS “psi” and its not clear what its referencing-but whatever it measures is increased. And, the leaking BOP/pipe–with a few round globs of oil coming out along with some sort of other material(s)..definately not a well that is “killed” if I understand the concept.

  6. says

    “Attention, All Skimmers”
    BP snookered Allen and Chu real good
    Attention, all Skimmers, you may be back in business.
    BP’s done a number on Allen and Chu.
    You remember the thrill of BP’s “static kill”?
    The mud and cement job? I’m sure we all do.
    Well, now it turns out pumping mud from the bottom,
    As a well executed relief well’s supposed to,
    Could affect BP’s seals at the top of the well,
    Didn’t Allen and Chu know that’s what it might do?
    Haven’t they spent their careers drilling wells?
    You mean they believed anything BP said?
    That sounds even worse than MMS’s Chris Oyns,
    Whose belief in BP left eleven men dead.
    If their top cap’s not leaking – though how can we tell
    With their ROV feeds pretty much of a blur –
    BP might want to let those relief wells produce
    And get skimmers skimming when leaks reoccur.
    Bob Carlson
    To ‘Relief Well to Be Completed in Gulf’
    To ‘Adm. Allen Confused – So, Now, Everybody Else is, Too’
    To ‘About Those ROV Feeds…’
    To ‘MMS’s Chris Oyns,’
    To ‘The victims of the Deepwater Horizon explosion’
    To ‘British Petroleum Incompetence’

  7. Dick - not Cheney says

    The spin by the bumbling Allen is supported by the political arm at the White House. They want this in the win column NOW! These are professional political operatives who have absolutely no morality and will do anything to get a political win. Their next slime/spin job depends on their previous successes. If I were Bob I would just drop the whole thing and take a long vacation to a remote island. You cannot fight BP and the White House. The media is useless since they need to sell Viagra, etc. and pressure readings do not seem to do that. Remember TV news is entertainment and a profit center!

  8. CSchirmer says

    Aside from the parties involved, would drilling into and producing this field be a good move to make. That is after the current well is dead. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this a very large discovery of oil?

  9. msohio1 says

    Top stories over the past week (none of which impact our lives short or longterm):
    Rangel, Waters, O’Reilley’s obsession with Aniston,New York mosque build, and finally JetBlue. Meanwhile, the economic and environmental destruction of the Gulf is out of sight and becoming out of mind. On a personal note, I was shopping for shrimp today in Columbus, Ohio. There was shrimp advertised as gulf shrimp. The counter worker was quick to advise me that the shrimp was from Brownsville, Texas which is a long way from the oil spill. Having lived in Texas for 15 adult years, I know the proximity of the waters very well. So, the alibis are prepared.

  10. TS says

    Apologize if this has been posted before, but have you been following the reports of the ROVs Lamber coordinates actually being located on well “A” rather than “B”. This is rather baffling and disturbing if true. Here are a couple links about this:
    Note there is a misprint in the Lamber coords. for well “B” in the OCS form and also in the video, but the color bathy chart has correct coords. In any case well “A” coords. are correct. I verified by translating the lat/long to Lamber in the US Army Corps software “corpscon”. These are the correct coords as shown on the bathy chart:
    Well #A:
    28d44’17.277″N, 88d21’57.340″ W
    Lamber X: 1,202,803.88′, Y: 10,431,617.00′
    Well #B:
    28d44’16.027″N, 88d22’00.581″W
    Lamber X: 1,202,514.00′, Y: 10,431,494.00′

  11. joseph cecil smith says

    probably the cement job didn’t work, they only put in 1000 or less barrels.. surely that cement was lost in the middle of the formation and there’s flow still coming up, maybe it’s choked a bit.. but the gas and plumes people are seeing on the seafloor tells me the formation and oil are unstable and pushing up to the surface. BUT It’s a lot better than having the dispersant in the water.. oil isn’t a big deal without the nasty dispersant alcohol solvent soap bp was putting into it. frankly, they are all evil and we see the govt and news media filling up with stupid stories about aniston/oreilly, jetblue, stupid stories abounding.. and the oil is oof the front page..
    obama swam in it? i bet not without getting a lab test on the water first. doubt we’re getting the full truth from the govt in any sense of the word.

  12. DD_Shofner_Goes_North says

    Did they ever find the lost oil? You know, the couple of mil bbls that was simply swallowed up by the Gulf?
    Up here in the north woods, the corn harvest is in, the Packers are practicing, and Brett Favre is retiring. Not much else in the way of news comes our way.
    Anyone else wonder what happened to all that missing oil?

  13. kevin.b.kenny says

    The ROV’s location for the well matches Well A in the bathymetric map for BP’s original proposal. It always has. I don’t know where the report that it was well B came from, but it’s just plain wrong.
    I’ve been watching the ROV co-ordinates for weeks now, and I’ve been noting them down when they *aren’t* jumping about by hundreds of feet (when they are, they’re worthless!). And I know how Lambert co-ordinates work (and these aren’t Lambert, by the way, they’re Universal Transverse Mercator.) And I understand the difference between NAD27 and WGS84, and I have the knowhow to calculate the locations on a map. And I’ve seen stable ROV co-ordinates from ROV’s that have had their claws right in the spew.
    Gertie the Voilcano is right at well A in this map. I’ve got considerable confidence in all sites marked in yellow since all of them were observed on multiple days or by different ROV’s. The surface ship positions in green are from 3 August, but the Q4000, BOA Sub C, Skandi Neptune, HOS Achiever, and the Development Driller sisters hardly move at all, since they’re tethered to their respective risers.
    Oh, and for what it’s worth, the well location also agreed to within 100 feet of the reported position of Discovery Enterprise on marinetraffic.com back when she was tethered to the Top Hat.
    So, in summary. It’s well A. It’s always been well A. I don’t know where the idea that it’s well B got started, but it’s just wrong.
    (Oh yeah, and I’ve seen ROV’s unrolling hoses between Well A and both the hotstab patch panel (HSPP) and the Skandi Neptune riser. If there was anything even nearly the size of a BOP there, I’d have seen it. There isn’t.)

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