Bob on Countdown, July 30, 2010

I was on Countdown tonight with guest host, Lawrence O’Donnell, talking about BP being called out for blacking out the ROV video feeds that showed that the capping stack and old blowout preventer are leaking, contrary to what they are saying.  Have a look:

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  1. Dick - not Cheney says

    If the current well head pressure is around 6800psi what pressure has to be used to get mud down past the oil already in the well pipe?
    Is there any technical reason that says a mud filled column will make the injection of cement from the bottom of the well easier?
    Sounds like the use of the choke & kill lines from the new BOP could blow out the connection to the old BOP. If the choke & kill of the old BOP are used same thing since it cannot close off the path up to the new BOP. I would say this is a desperate move by management to prevent ANY further flowrate measurement. I would also venture that there is strong push-back from the technical crew that they are against this. So, once again money driven management could cause another blowout!

  2. fredw says

    BP and USCG game plan is clear. Rush the static kill so they can justify pulling assets from the GOM. Whether takingthis risk is wise , damn the torpedos , full speed ahead. Meanwhile in La , Nungesser complains BP and the USCG are breaking promises , pulling boom and other assets without notice to his parish – in other words , the same games continue to be played. for the sake of Thad , he better be right that the static kill won;t bust up the damaged wellbore or else all heck will break loose if that wrecks the chance for the nearly completed relief well.

  3. BSE says

    Let’s be honest: is Dudley really that much better than Tony Hayward, or does it just boil down to the fact that he has a more familiar accent and is a better liar?

  4. a kaufholz says

    at time tropical storm moved across fla, the relief well was 3 to 7 days from making it’s final ‘drill run’ into the target— then boats retreated– now storm is dead and latest info i heard on news is relief well will be to the target at end of August — could some news agency please interview BP and ask why the schedule went from 7 days to 4 weeks?..

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