Cuz I’m a Reel ‘Merican and Ur Knot

The cover of Sarah Shakespeare’s yet-to-be-released literary epic: What, was the dentist all out of American flag caps for your teeth? Eye Masters didn’t have the red, white, and blue frames you were looking for? Sheesh. Shall I compare thee to Summer’s Eve?

Bob on Countdown, July 30, 2010

I was on Countdown tonight with guest host, Lawrence O’Donnell, talking about BP being called out for blacking out the ROV video feeds that showed that the capping stack and old blowout preventer are leaking, contrary to what they are saying.  Have a look: Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the […]

Proving a Negative

People that get paid to analyze politics have fancy titles for these types of things. I am a simple man with a but a bachelors in political science (and masters in counseling). So, I’m not as adept at talking about these things. However, it has occurred to me that Obama (and Democratic Congress) have an […]

BP ROV Video of Leaking Wellhead Cut Off for Third Day – Why?

Yesterday in his daily presser, Adm. Allen said that all is well with the well, and that BP may be ready to pump the Static Kill (Top Kill II) to cover up the evidence as early as Sunday.  The problem is, if everything with the Well Integrity Test (translation: Shut-In-Until-We-Can-Get-Mud-Pumped-in-to-Keep-from-Measuring-the-Flow-Test) is going so well, how […]

GOP Filibusters Small Business Aid Bill

As if we needed further proof that Republicans have absolutely no intention of working with Democrats on anything, they filibustered a bill yesterday that comes straight from their own talking points.  The small business lending bill would have given tax breaks and guaranteed loans from small banks to aid small businesses in today’s tight credit market.  Every single […]

Tim LaHaye: Obama “Bringing Us Closer to the Apocalypse”

From the Huffington Post: “Evangelical Christian minister Tim LaHaye says that the policy initiatives put forth by the Obama administration are bringing the country “closer to the apocalypse.” LaHaye issued the dire warning in an appearance this week on Mike Huckabee’s talk show on Fox News…”Our present president doesn’t seem to get it,” LaHaye explained. […]

Republicans Say “No” to 9/11 Victims

This time it’s a bill that extends medical care for first responders and victims of 9/11. Republicans oppose it because it “creates a massive new entitlement program”  and is paid for with a tax that would result in “potential job losses.” Politico has the story: “The James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2009, […]

A $3.8 Trillion Republican Tax Hike

Before House Republicans left Washington for their August recess yesterday, Rep. Mike Pence handed out his 22-page plan for how Republicans can disseminate their propaganda get their message out to voters over the break. “The recess document…lays out key topics to address in the dog days of August and early September: “Week One: Jobs. Week […]