Would the GOP Deliberately Sabotage the Economy? Is the Pope Catholic?

Commenting on a Huffington Post piece about how Republicans and Ben Nelson (excuse my redundancy) appeared poised to kill the tax-extenders bill in the Senate, which they succeeded in doing late yesterday, Steve Benen at Washington Monthly wrote:

 “In the real world, this means millions of jobless Americans will lose their already-modest benefits, and hundreds of thousands of workers will be laid off over the next year, including teachers, police officers, and firefighters. All of this will happen because Republicans are more concerned about the deficit — a deficit they created under Bush/Cheney — than the economy.

It’s unpleasant to think about, and I really hope it’s not true, but it may be time for a discussion about whether GOP lawmakers are trying to deliberately sabotage the economy to help their midterm election strategy.”

What’s to discuss? It’s true. Of course Republicans are trying to deliberately sabotage the economy to help their mid-term election strategy, as well as their 2012 presidential election strategy. Republicans in Congress don’t care about deficits (see Dick Cheney) or the debt, except when they’re out of power. When they were in control of everything in D.C. from 2001-2007 what happened? Were there even any cursory attempts to rein in the deficit and pay down the debt?

Quite the contrary. With 2 wars and tax cuts and Medicare Part D, all on the credit card, the debt exploded.

You bet your ass the GOP wants the economy in the tank, as far in as possible. If unemployment is double what it is now and we go into a double-dip recession, or in their wettest dreams a depression, the champagne corks will be popping and ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ will be blaring from the speakers in Michael Steele’s office. Do you think they care about the pain and suffering it would cause the American people? They care about one thing and one thing only–power. That’s it. If the “small people” have to bear the consequences of that quest, so be it.

Of course once they get it, their faux concern about the deficit and excessive spending will go out the door as they come in. Just like it did before.


  1. Shortstuff says

    They care about power. They care about the big money that comes into their coffers from big business. And they really care about doing anything and everything to defeat Pres. Obama. Period.
    If they have to kill this country in order to do so, they would, without a second thought.
    My brother, God rest his soul, was correct. They are blackhearted bastards.

  2. AstrosGirlKel says

    “You bet your ass the GOP wants the economy in the tank, as far in as possible. If unemployment is double what it is now and we go into a double-dip recession, or in their wettest dreams a depression, the champagne corks will be popping and ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ will be blaring from the speakers in Michael Steele’s office.”

  3. alienHunter says

    them peoples is crazy…
    Off topic but important to me at least. Has the site been running really slowly lately or is it just a conspiracy against me. It makes it extremely painful to read and comment. If it’s not just me, it has to have an impact on the readership?

  4. msohio1 says

    Heartless. I won’t even call them people. Your redundancy is on spot. Almost as good as the oxymoron: republican think tank. They don’t care that people have basic needs. Focus is to embarrass Pres Obama and to win elections any way necessary. Sad thing is—there are suffering and barely making it people who will vote these pariahs back in. If I see another political tv ad about a Dem being responsible for non-job growth, I will throw up.

  5. offshore778 says

    Well oh hell yeah they would. There are chidren that belong to undiscovered tribes deep in the Amazon Rainforest that know that most GOP members would pimp out their own mothers if they thought it might make the Dems look bad.

  6. theone says

    We know from being in Texas exactly whose interests are placed first, who gets to suck on hind tit, and why the national government has been re-made over the last 30 years to more and more resemble Texas’.
    If they could re-make Congress so it only met every other year, they would, with all real power residing with Cheney (oops, VP) and with the Speaker of the House, who would shift funds around as needed during the alternate years Congress didn’t meet.
    Just like Texas, the only way this scenario works is if they get a Green Party candidate on the ticket to split the Dem. votes.
    Cutting off un-employment benefits so people can’t pay their utility bills fully illustrates the ‘ family values ‘ and ‘ moral clarity ‘ of the GOBP, even more than the GOBP fund-raiser in Florida this week-end with Joe Barton (I’m apologize, BP) head-lining (!?!).

  7. RockheadedMama says

    These narcissists are so ego driven, they care not one whit about their own great-grandchildren. Do they really believe their own progeny will exist with and continue to live the life of the powerful into perpetuity?

  8. carguy says

    I was gonna say something but Shortstuff and Kel pretty much sum it up. Put simply, there is NOTHING the GOP would not do to regain the White House. I said it a couple of days ago, just watch, this bunch of liars and thieves will make the PLumbers and Watergate look like a kindergarten naptime. I would not put it beyond them and their Wall Street partners-in-crime to competely fabricate an econmic “crisis”, say, November 2011-January 2012 if not before then. Trust me, we are gonna see stuff like we NEVER saw before, even from them.

  9. lomamonster says

    I had considered the same theory advanced above, and am now convinced that it is indeed true. It does not bode well for the future of this country to have them undo the very fabric of our society just to gain power, and it is my hope that the Republicans will commit a wrong so heinous that they will be exposed and outed before they can regain a foothold.
    The one thing that they have demonstrated though, is how to succeed in obstructionist tactics while out of power, and we have noted the technique. We will have to turn it upon them in the worst case.

  10. alienHunter says

    I’m starting to feel invisible…Can anybody see me or have I been banned for being too nice of a guy?

  11. alienHunter says

    Cool, one can do a lot of damage when invisible. I think the problem was on my computer, after messing around a little bit the site seems a whole lot better. Thanks for acknowledging my fondest dream… :O)

  12. AstrosGirlKel says

    I see you.
    I think PelosiMaven fell out of the talking point tree and hit every branch on the way down. Holy hyperbole!

  13. Scott Barzilla says

    Maybe being away has given me some perspective, but I firmly believe two things:
    1)The misinformation game is going so strong nowadays that it’s difficult to know which end is up. Fox News and Rush have been sending a steady stream of this nonsense. This has been the most transparent administration in recent memory. Could it be more so? Sure. But any comparison with the last one would demonstrate that. As for campaign promises, Obama has broken a few, but is that any comparison with the compassionate conservative. The fact is that the changing of conditions makes for changing of tactics. Could you imagine a general sticking with the same strategy in the face of wildly different circumstances just to say he did what he promised he would do? It’s foolish.
    2) Maybe I’m just a cockeyed moderate, but I think most people (even most Republicans) think they are doing good. Most people are inherently self-interested. My wife has said she will not vote for Obama because of what he did with NASA. Does this make her selfish? Sure it does. We all are to a greater or lesser extent. The problem is that we are convinced that if our self-interest were met then the country would be better off. Therefore, if the rich are better off then we are better off. That is the feeling from a majority of Republicans. They don’t see it as purposely tanking anything. They honestly view themselves as people trying to save everything.
    3) Remember that this charge has been levied in our direction. Conservatives accuse of specifically advocating policies to make America weaker. We want terrorists to attack and that is why we are “soft on terror.” When you go into politics thinking that a large segment of the population wants people to suffer then we have become too jaded to work together.
    Now, are their policies going to help the country? Of course not, they never have, but it doesn’t mean they want people to suffer.

  14. lomamonster says

    Very soon, the massive Ponzi scheme will fall apart just as sure as our infrastructure will, and there will be no further word from planet Earth. The lights will go out forever…

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