Hurricane Alex Lands in Texas; National Flood Insurance Lapsed due to Republican Obstructionism

Remember that jobs bill the Republicans killed last week?  The one that Desperado wrote about that killed unemployment benefits for millions of unemployed Americans unable to find work? Did you know that the National Flood Insurance Program funding was killed as well?  For the fourth time this year?  This time, no emergency extention came, as […]

Will Charlie Brown Ever Wise Up? Probably Not

Scott Brown is a quick learner. In his short time in the Senate he’s become a master at the game of ‘How To String Along The Gullible Democrat’ aka Lucy and the Football. Here’s how it goes: Obstructionist Republican says, “I would vote for this particular piece of legislation except for X.” Gullible Democrat believes Obstructionist Republican […]

Mid-July Kill Possible? BP Explanation Almost Lost in Translation

On their website, BP released another of their instructional videos that explains sort of what they are planning, leaving out key hows and whys and throwing in just enough oil speak so as to be distracting from the otherwise good illustration.  This one, done by BP’s Kent Wells, Senior Vice President of Exploration and Production […]

The Real Definition of the “Peter Principle”

You’ve heard about it before: The Peter Principle, aka “fuck up and move up” in Corporate America. (Come on, you know you’ve said it.) There are some immediate examples that may come to mind for you, or perhaps not, depending on your level of consciousness, and age. Nowhere are the examples more prevalent than in […]

Palin Plays The Palace

The Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas, that is. Where the suckers her adoring followers paid $40 and up to hear these pearls of wisdom: “I want this most exceptional country in the nation to be free, to be prosperous, to not be beholden to the foreign countries that soon we are going to be bowing […]

New Server Up and Running

After considerable effort, our great support staff got us up and running on our new server, so delays, chron-style hanging, and lost comments should have come to an end.  If you have any problems, please email me at bobdailyhurricanecom and let me know. Thanks, Bob

GeoPlatform: New Web-Based Tool Tracks Environmental Threats

A new website, developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of New Hampshire Coastal Response Research Center allows for interactive tracking of environmental threats.  The website, called GeoPlatform, has a page, the Environmental Response Management Application (ERMA), that is tracking the Gulf oil spill and other threats, like Tropical Storm […]

Conflicting Reports: Were BOP Hydraulics Leaking? BP Dead Silent

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been watching videos of the Joint Investigation by the Coast Guard and the MMS of the Horizon disaster, where many of the surviving BP and Transocean members of the Horizon crew were interviewed during May in Kenner, Louisiana.  The information is detailed and very interesting, but have highlighted […]