Two New Subsea Views of BP Blowout. It Ain’t Pretty

BP has released two new videos of the leaking riser from their Mississippi Canyon Block 252 well showing the leak after activation of the RIT (riser insertion tool).  If they are indeed getting 1,000 barrels per day from the RIT, they’re missing a whole lot more from the end of the riser and the worsening leak above the BOP.  First, the video of the RIT in the end of the riser.  The small pipe with vapor coming off of it is probably the nitrogen injection line to lighten the hydrostatic head.  Have a look:

This second video is from the kink in the riser above the BOP.  As was reported to me earlier, it looks like it is definitely getting worse.   Blow it up to full screen.  At about 2:30, it shows a closeup.  Pretty scary stuff:


  1. Jim Porter says

    I have been around on land rigs which have had blowout and a couple resulted in fires which caused the scrap metal (the drilling rig) to be move before the well could be caped and shut in.
    I am not smart enough to understand the deep water conditions which prevents the casing at the BOP from being removed and a spearing device to be forced into the BOP with a packer to force the production, or most of it, to be more contained.
    To me I don’t understand, either, if they do not remove the bent up riser how will it be contained.
    What prevents this type of operation?

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